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Mold Authority Launches Strategic Nationwide Expansion Plan to Open 100 Franchise Locations By 2025

With an established footprint in four states, the low-investment, service franchise opportunity in the booming environmental industry is seeking to expand in Florida, Texas and California.

By Tracey Willmott1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 12:12PM 08/15/21

Mold Authority, the rising star in the environmental space that specializes in indoor  air quality, moisture detection and environmental testing, is seeking to expand its brand beyond the East Coast. Mold Authority may be at the beginning of its franchise journey, but it already has strong goals for expansion throughout the country. With consumers more focused than ever on environmental, health and air quality, Mold Authority is poised for explosive growth. With a loyal customer base in New York, New Jersey and the Carolinas, Mold Authority is looking to grow its franchise system throughout the U.S. and become a national leader in the air quality industry, which generates $4 billion annually.

Servicing both residential and commercial clients, Mold Authority understands the serious nature of indoor air quality as it affects our overall health. The brand is licensed and certified through the Indoor Air Quality Council, IICRC, DOL, DEP, ACAC just to name some of the organizations they hold designations in for indoor air quality, mold, moisture detection, asbestos, lead and microbial related technologies. The company also tests for lead, viruses, allergens, gases, asbestos, fire byproducts, moisture, radon and other IAQ indoor contaminants. In addition, their “Healthy Air Assurance”  program was designed to continuously monitor air quality in homes and business environments to create an IAQ monitoring program to ensure its clients are breathing clean air continuously!  

Why Now is the Time to Buy a Mold Authority Franchise

The indoor air quality industry gained significant attention in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic as people became more mindful than ever of the air they breathe. As commercial businesses begin to open back up and welcome back patrons and employees, more attention is being placed on workplace safety and air quality to protect the health of all occupants. When it comes to private residences, those with underlying health issues and chronic conditions need to be particularly vigilant about environmental contaminants to protect their long-term health.

As the importance of indoor air quality continues to rise, states are increasingly mandating inspections and testing be performed in homes and buildings where mold and other environmental issues may exist. New York Law 55, for example, now requires that building owners perform annual inspections of their units for indoor hazards such as pests, mold and other allergens. This, combined with the recent nationwide real estate boom, creates a huge need for these services for homebuyers, real estate agents, banks and property managers. There is also very little competition in the mold and air quality inspection industry in the franchise world, making Mold Authority primed for expansion.

“I’m happy to say that although there is a fair amount of competition in the remediation space, there is very little in environmental inspection and testing, which sets us up perfectly as people are becoming more health conscious and aware of their indoor environment and the role air plays in achieving good health,” said Thomas Re, President of Mold Authority. “Our long-term goal is to have hundreds of franchise locations in most markets nationwide. Eventually, I want us to form partnerships with larger insurance companies, banks, real estate agencies and property managers as the go-to-company for quality and reliable inspections and testing.”

Mold Authority Aims to Open Hundreds of Locations Over the Next Five to Ten Years

Mold Authority currently operates in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and South Carolina. 

With one franchisee servicing the Charlotte region, another in New York and New Jersey and another servicing Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, there is plenty of room for expansion and no regional limitations to doing so. The corporate territories currently cover New York City and Charlotte, North Carolina, and the brand is looking to expand in those markets by partnering with franchisees

Over the next two years, the brand is prioritizing Florida, Texas and California for growth, due to the states’ high levels of heat, humidity and mold issues. The goal is to open three to five new locations in 2021 and hundreds of locations in the next 5 to 10 years.

High Profitability Potential and Low Barrier to Entry Make The Mold Authority Franchise Opportunity Shine

Mold Authority offers potential franchisees a franchise opportunity with high profitability potential and a very short runway from signing to opening. With an initial investment starting as low as $43,000, franchise owners can be trained and ready to service customers within 30 days. As a mobile operation with no brick-and-mortar location and no employees needed to start, Mold Authority franchises have little overhead, making a positive ROI much easier and faster to realize.

New for 2021! Mold Authority Rolls out a “Quick Start Program” for Existing Indoor Air Quality Professionals!

In 2021 Mold Authority initiated a quick start model for professionals already in the industry  interested in converting their existing businesses into the Mold Authority Family. This program is very attractive for existing companies and individuals that want to become part of a larger growing family with a proven methodology and infrastructure!  The Quick Start Program (QSP) requires that you already own the necessary equipment, licenses, insurance and experience to provide service to a designated territory within a service area. The start-up costs are lower and the arrangement is more of a partnership license model versus a traditional franchise model. This is a very attractive model for many already in the industry, says Tom Re, CEO of Mold Authority. 

With either model franchising or the QSP model Mold Authority offers comprehensive initial and ongoing training provided by the corporate team giving all the ability to learn the easy-to-use turnkey systems and processes quickly. Mold Authority has created a robust and thorough training process that starts in person and continues online with digital resources and training videos. They also offer full time 24/7 support and administrative resources to ensure success of each franchise owner. 

Mold Authority’s variety of services also gives franchise owners and QSP licensees several paths to profitability. Aside from one-time inspection and testing services, Mold Authority also offers Healthy Home Assurance, a quarterly testing and inspection service for residential customers.

“With Healthy Home Assurance, we come back quarterly to test and monitor the clients indoor environment from air quality to drinking water, issues are quickly identified to ensure there is little to no exposure to harmful IAQ issues,” said Mr. Re. “We created this program to help customers identify problems early on. Air quality issues become health issues, and that’s unacceptable. We want to ensure the air you breathe is always safe.” 

Mold Authority also offers air filtration devices, air filters, dehumidification systems, water filtration and other air quality products that improve ones overall indoor environment.

Mold Authority’s business model is built around providing premium customer service and going the extra mile, something future franchisees can use to their advantage. The brand guarantees customers a positive and comprehensive experience from the first phone call all the way through service completion. Mold Authority inspectors do a thorough inspection of each property before any service is performed and follow up with a full report that includes testing results, findings and recommendations for remediation. 

Mold Authority is Looking for Motivated, Customer-Focused Franchisees

The initial investment for a Mold Authority franchise ranges from $42,750 to $91,950, which includes a franchise fee of $35,000. The brand also requires franchise owners to have a net worth of at least $100,000.

“Our franchisees have to be self motivated and have a strong desire to help others” said Frank Baldassarre, VP and director of operations for Mold Authority. “We are looking for motivated people who can adapt to whatever situation they’re in. They should have a good understanding of how to work with people, be willing to learn and make connections with the community to further their business.”

Mold Authority says current home inspectors and those in the home services field are an ideal fit for the brand. They already have the knowledge and training, which makes for an easy transition. Mold Authority is also looking to convert mom-and-pop inspection and testing businesses into franchises. An influx of corporate support, brand recognition and the support of national franchise network can take these existing businesses to the next level.


The initial investment for a Mold Authority franchise ranges from $35,000 to $91,950, For more information about franchising with Mold Authority, visit

About Mold Authority

Mold Authority is the leading air quality and mold inspection brand on the East Coast. Servicing both residential and commercial properties, Mold Authority understands the serious nature of environmental issues. The brand is licensed and certified in indoor air quality, mold, bacteria and microbial technologies and can also test and inspect for mold, virus, asbestos, IAQ, lead, fire, gas, water, radon and other indoor contaminants. It has launched franchise opportunities with plans to open 100 locations by 2025. Learn more here at