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Mold Medics Franchisee Lives the Dream of Business Ownership Every Day

Michael Chapman, the Pittsburgh-based mold treatment and remediation company’s first franchisee, explains how he has been able to run his own business with corporate support.

By Katie Porter1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 3:15PM 07/27/22

Michael Chapman always wanted to own a business but never thought it was possible. He had spent years in sales jobs and met Tim Swackhammer, CEO of Mold Medics, through work connections. Swackhammer told him how the home allergen specialist brand was franchising, and Chapman saw investing as the perfect opportunity.

“I always wanted a company and something to pass down to my son. When Tim presented this offer to me, it just made sense and was a perfect time,” said Chapman. “I knew the Swackhammers and knew what they were doing. I saw how good the metrics were and decided, ‘Let’s do it.’”

Chapman signed a franchise agreement for Mold Medics of Beaver, Mercer, and Lawrence Counties of Pennsylvania in March last year. Since then, his days are filled with hitting milestone after milestone that he didn’t even think was possible. 

“We set out to hit a specific monthly revenue goal, which I thought was unattainable. Then Tim said two months ago that I was going to hit it, and the following month we blew that number out of the water by 50%. And this month, we're looking to do even better,” Chapman said. “I wouldn't have been able to do this by myself. He took me from literally never knowing how to run a business or thinking I could to making it possible to have first-year successes.”

Chapman has been able to run an increasingly profitable allergen and mold remediation company, despite having no background or experience in the industry or in entrepreneurship, due in part to the support Mold Medics has provided him both during training and also ongoing every single day. 

“After signing, I went out with the technicians in the field and did the jobs alongside them. They back you up and show you what you're supposed to do, then have you do all the work and get hands-on experience, so you know what you’re doing,” Chapman said.

Now, he focuses on alleviating issues at Mold Medics customers’ homes, emphasizing quality and doing things the right way. Many property owners suffer from health conditions that mold contributes to, so it is of the utmost importance that a thorough job is done.

“Every job that we do, we treat it seriously. We never cut corners, and we guarantee our work,” said Chapman. “When we leave a job, we leave a job confident that this person's health will be better off because we took the extra time to do things right. Not everybody in this industry does that.

Chapman’s day-to-day has been busy while running the business himself for the last fifteen months, so he is excited to be hiring his first employee. The man is a father of three who was laid off during the pandemic, and Chapman is proud to be able to employ people in the community.

“I love being able to offer people jobs. My goals for the future are to expand, expand, expand, and have a bigger staff,” Chapman said. “I love what I do. I come home happy every day.”

The start-up costs for starting a Mold Medics are $83,049 – $158,999, with an initial franchise fee of $29,999. For more information on franchising with Mold Medics, visit