Big Brands Getting Bigger: MOOYAH Expands on the East Coast
Big Brands Getting Bigger: MOOYAH Expands on the East Coast

Development agent Jay Hummer has big plans for the better burger brand throughout the Atlantic coast.

Big plans have turned into an auspicious reality for better burger franchise MOOYAH Burgers Fries & Shakes. With a hefty East Coast initiative spurred back in 2014, the brand has been successfully chipping away at the tristate area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The expansion—led by a team of local development agents and franchise vets Anthony D’Amore and his partner Tom Mascia, Matt Rusconi and his partner David Vorchheimer—is guided by the expert hand of development agent Jay Hummer.

Hummer, MOOYAH’s development agent since 2012, sits at the helm of the MOOYAH’s ever-growing sprawl across Mass., N.H., Maine, R.I. and Vt. From franchise sales to site selection to operational support, Hummer handles every facet of growth for the rapidly expanding all-American brand. Not only is Hummer the mastermind of several of MOOYAH’s successful growth initiatives, but he also embodies the passion and commitment to excellence that has made MOOYAH a prosperous franchise brand.

“MOOYAH delivers high-quality food in the fast casual atmosphere that our guests love and feel comfortable in,” said Hummer, who began Firmitas Entrepreneurial Development, his own outsource franchise sales organization, after concluding his career running a 230-unit real estate franchise for RE/MAX in New England. “MOOYAH is absolutely a leader in the better burger segment and we plan to spread that excellence across the east coast.”

With the success that MOOYAH is experiencing with its restaurants in Connecticut and New Jersey, Hummer hopes to build on the brand’s positive momentum by focusing on developments in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. A restaurant is currently slated to open in Worcester, Mass., in 2015, and the brand plans to add 15 units in the greater Boston area, at least five units in Greater Springfield, and five restaurants in Rhode Island.

MOOYAH’s reach isn’t restricted to the U.S., though. The brand has just opened in its 19th state and has plenty on tap, and its global spread extends over seven countries. MOOYAH’s signature fresh burgers have even stretched across the border with a second location in Mexico that recently opened. Thanks to its emphasis on high food quality and a comfortable fast casual environment, MOOYAH’s model transcends geography to bring honest, progressive American fare.

With 83 locations open and franchise operations in seven countries, MOOYAH has been delivering the best burger-and-fries experience with an element of fun and focus on quality. Growth has become a major focus for Hummer, and the brand is well on its way to its goal of adding up to 20 new MOOYAH units to the region over the next three to four years.

“We have our first location in a Boston neighborhood opening in four months,” Hummer said. “We’re very excited about this progress and hope to recruit even more franchisees. We’re taking in entrepreneurs on a daily basis.”

Boston is especially appealing because it houses one of the largest metro areas in the country. Hummer is confident that the brand will resonate with Bostonians and is excited to become part of the community. Hummer’s expansion efforts will add between 20 and 30 jobs per location throughout the Northeast as the development plan is met over the next three years.

“Everywhere the MOOYAH brand has gone, it has been embraced and loved,” Hummer said. “We know that Bostonians will love our all-beef burgers, hand-cut fries and real cream milkshakes. We also offer exciting alternatives like gluten-free buns, sweet potato fries and lettuce wraps. There’s something for everyone at MOOYAH.”

MOOYAH will be opening five restaurants in the New York/New Jersey area by the end of the year.