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Nick Powills: August 21 Is World Entrepreneurs' Day—But Every Day Is an Opportunity To Win

Today we celebrate both the entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial among us: risk-takers who weren't content to play it safe.

Entrepreneurism involves credible risk in exchange for the possibility of reward. Far too often, businesses fail because the person who decides to go into business hasn’t run their checks and balances or done their homework. Being an entrepreneur isn't easy. The beauty of a day like this is that it celebrates those that have taken the risk—financial, emotional and professional—and continue to take the risk, for their lives and for the lives of their families.

I think it’s important for franchisees to understand that franchising is not for entrepreneurs—it’s for someone who is entrepreneurial. When you buy into a franchise brand, you buy into a proven system and then have the opportunity to be entrepreneurial within it. It’s not your job to change the vision of the brand, but it is your job to contribute your voice as you work together with leadership to build a business that is sustainable and scalable.

Therefore, a day like this is also a great celebration of those who are entrepreneurial—those who have committed to following the system into which they’ve invested their life savings in pursuit of their goals. Both parties had the courage to take a risk in the hope of winning. Do you?