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Nick Powills: Motivation is Doing What You Don’t Want To Do

Accomplishing that which is difficult for you breeds the motivation capable of pushing you to new heights, in every facet of your life.

Want to find a little extra motivation this year? Try doing something you don’t want to do.

Think about how good success feels when you accomplish something difficult, like losing weight or quitting booze. The first few days/moments are ridiculously tough, but then, eventually, motivation takes over.

You begin to focus on winning, not necessarily on the thing that was tough to do.

No matter how many inspirational speakers try to convince us that success doesn’t come easy, many still hunt for it. They hunt for it in sales, in life and in relationships. Yet, only a fraction of a percentage point actually find that get-rich-quick moment.

How many people have told you that if they won the lottery they would quit (or work far less)? The insight there is work is hard. But what if you were to look at work in a different way? What if you looked at it as motivational stepping stones where you fight to get better? What if you treated your work like a game? What if you treated your to-do list with celebration?

Sometimes, incredible motivation can be found in the things that stress you the most – especially when you start making progress and finding small wins along the way.

The power of choice is quite incredible when it comes to finding self-motivation. Ask yourself: What do you want to be when you grow up? Got an answer that is bigger than the current moment/career you occupy? Starting fighting like hell, every day, to take a small, tiny step toward achieving your goal. It will be crushing the tough moments that propel you to new, amazing heights.

Or don’t.

But this type of motivation is completely, 100% on you.