No Limit Agency Moves into Chicago’s Prudential Building
No Limit Agency Moves into Chicago’s Prudential Building

No Limit Agency moves in more ways than one.

On a flight returning to Chicago from Las Vegas in early April (after a great Multi-Unit Franchising Conference), our plane glided over Lake Michigan and took a sharp left on its descent to land. As the plane made its turn, my eyes became fixated on something quite special: One Prudential Plaza (AKA Pru).

For most seated on the right side of the plane, it was simply a perfect view of a perfect city on a perfect day. For me, it was much more. It was a symbol that our business was about to take another giant step on our mission to become the greatest midsized agency that ever existed.

These are the moments that make me pause and pinch myself. However, if I could go back seven years ago and tell the 27-year-old version of myself about the next chapter of my dream, you would naturally think that I would have denied the possibility. Not me, though. While I am definitely one to pinch and savor the moments, I have always believed in the power of karma and the power of positive thinking. Seven years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to predict that I would have a beautiful wife and two amazing boys, because life hasn’t always come as predictable, nor ever as perfectly rewarding, as my family. However, in business I would have told you to watch out. You say Pru, I say let’s go.

Moving into a signature office in a signature building isn’t just for show. It’s proof of the pudding we have been creating as a team. And it’s not just me and my current staff. Every employee, client and friend of No Limit Agency has created this pathway. For that, I am forever grateful.

So how did we get to Pru? A lot of hard work and commitment to our clients.

I remember that when I first started the business, I spoke of this friendship I hoped to build with each of our clients – one in which we were not just a PR or marketing firm to them, but advisors, friends, consultants and partners. I vividly remember having that conversation with someone and them telling me that in business, there is only black and white, and that friendships should not exist. Don’t blur the lines, she said.

I did.

I made everything personal. And by doing so, we continued to find our points of differentiation as an agency. I would put the “give a shit” attitude of our team against any other agency in the world and fully expect a lopsided victory.

Ever hear the Jim Carrey story about the $10 million check? As the story goes, Jim placed a check to himself for $10 million in his wallet proclaiming that in 10 years he would be able to cash that check despite everyone telling him he was dreaming. Nine years later, he made $10 million for a movie and realized his dreams.

I don’t believe in dreams – I believe in reality. I believe in hard work and integrity – trying to do the right things when no one else is looking.

By doing so, we have become the premier agency in franchising and are now inching into that stature in other fields as well. “We” is the key word. We is the power of a bunch of great people working as hard as they can for as long as they can in one singular direction.

Today, we move into Pru. Today, we are forever grateful to all of the clients, partners and employees who have helped us get to this stage. I have my goals for what will happen in the next seven years, too. We will grow and be recognized as the greatest midsized agency. We will become a publisher of great content. We will develop into an incredible creative group. We will continue to be an amazing consultancy. We will always look at business as personal.

The reality has just begun.