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Nuclear Physicist and CEO Dmitrij Scuka Brings Property Management Inc. to North Broward, Florida

PMI North Broward rents and manages short-term rental properties in Broward County, Florida, concentrating mainly on the coastal area between Fort Lauderdale and Deerfield Beach.

When Dmitrij Scuka, the CEO for a steel company in the Czech Republic, decided to relocate his family to Florida, he began looking for new career opportunities. As soon as he saw the opportunity to franchise with Property Management Inc., he knew he was on the right track.

“The PMI website was very organized, and it was clear that the team offered a strong level of support,” said Scuka. “In addition, it was a modest investment with the opportunity for strong returns.”

A nuclear physicist by training, Scuka has extensive experience in management consulting and in the steel industry, and he’s now leveraging this professional background as he sets up a property management business in Florida. Scuka will make use of his vast commercial experience, strong business acumen and extensive travel experience in order to create a best-in-class travel experience for the guests and attractive reliable returns for the property owners.

Scuka already has two investors that each wanted to invest $1 million into properties in his territory. Before global pandemic delays, he was working on presentations for them that would allow the purchase of around six properties for each investor. 

“We were in the process of setting everything up, building the infrastructure and hiring staff when COVID-19 hit,” said Scuka. “I signed on over a year ago, but especially with COVID-19 striking right at the moment we were going to start training, our opening has been delayed. Still, I really appreciate that PMI takes care of new franchisees with dedicated weekly calls so that any questions can be resolved. During the pandemic, I’ve had a contact person at PMI who I can talk to, and he has been very gracious. I feel that I am getting that necessary support.” 

In addition to supporting franchisees and providing guidance on their finances, Property Management Inc. actively began taking steps to help franchisees diversify their portfolios. One of the biggest advantages that comes with being a Property Management Inc. franchisee is the fact that there are four pillars of the business: residential, commercial, association and short-term rental. Now, franchisees have the opportunity to add an additional pillar to their business without the additional cost.

For now, PMI North Broward is focused primarily on short-term rentals in order to help investors maximize the earnings on their property portfolios and to help existing property owners generate a sizable return at the same time. PMI North Broward rents and manages short-term properties in Broward County, Florida, concentrating mainly on the coastal area between Fort Lauderdale and Deerfield Beach.

Scuka notes that there is a large number of short-term rentals in that area. “The Florida short-term rental market was a $24 billion market in 2020, and a large portion of those rentals are in Southern Florida,” he said. “I should be able to build up that short-term rental pillar relatively quickly. My main focus will be on the investor type, selling to realtors’ portfolios rather than individual offices. Compared to other options in the markets, we are relatively low-risk, and by the end of next year, we are going to be in a strong position.”

PMI is supported by extensive experience with thousands of properties under management across its franchisee community, and Scuka notes that the brand allows for endless innovation and offers a never-ending passion for better results. “We use the top-notch systems and technology in order to create the perfect guest experience in an efficient and reliable fashion, while managing the properties in a way that protects our client’s investment,” he said. 

Looking ahead, the PMI leadership team is excited to watch Scuka grow with the brand. “Dmitrij has a very interesting background and some very ambitious plans, once he can get to Florida,” said Danessa Itaya, president of PMI. “Dmitrij has a lot of business experience, and we think he is going to be a rock star in his territory.”

The startup costs for a Property Management Inc. franchise range from $42,550 to $166,600. The franchise fee ranges from $35,000 to $128,600. To learn more about franchising with Property Management Inc., visit