Member Success Story: Why FormaLighting Calls Office Evolution Alpharetta Home
Member Success Story: Why FormaLighting Calls Office Evolution Alpharetta Home

Peter Augusta, Managing Director for FormaLighting in North America, shines some light on how the Georgia co-working space has improved his company’s day-to-day operations.

Startup businesses shouldn’t have to sacrifice daily comfort, functional reliability or ideal amenities in their work environment just because they’re still growing. Office Evolution Alpharetta offers a variety of packages to meet any organization’s needs, from solo freelancers looking for an affordable co-working space to larger teams who require professional conference suites for client meetings. Office Evolution Alpharetta even offers extra value to members with add-on options such as an onsite workout facility, simplified phone services and employee benefits packages.

FormaLighting is an international commercial manufacturing company that provides lighting solutions for retailers, offices, hotels and restaurants. When FormaLighting’s domestic personnel found themselves in need of a space that catered to their specific workplace needs, they turned to Office Evolution Alpharetta.

“In the United States, my company is really the profile of a startup company,” said Peter Augusta, Managing Director for FormaLighting in North America. “So we needed a place to call home.”

Office Evolution Alpharetta provides a variety of services for companies like FormaLighting that do not have a full-time office administrator. Office Evolution Alpharetta’s phone service provides the personal touch of a real-life operator, transferring calls to FormaLighting employees no matter where they are around the country.

“In the past, we had had a voice over IP system, and basically that was just an automated menu,” said Augusta. “By having somebody physically pick up the phone—a voice on the other side—it gives a more personal service to our clients.”

Keeping up with the modern philosophy of increasing employee quality of life through onsite perks like gym memberships, Office Evolution Alpharetta offers a workout facility of its own so that members can stay healthy and get their endorphins flowing. “I have an employee that uses it daily, and I go in there every now and then to get a good run during lunch,” said Augusta.

It’s not uncommon for small businesses to find navigating the American healthcare system confusing and time-consuming. But since Office Evolution Alpharetta is a one-stop-shop for employers looking to attract and retain the highest tier talent, the brand has partnered with TriNet to streamline payroll and healthcare benefits and provide a 50 percent discount on benefits to members. With this service, startups can focus on running their businesses instead of weighing the differences between HMOs and PPOs.

“The partnership with TriNet really put Office Evolution Alpharetta over the top in comparison with other or similar spaces,” said Augusta. “Being able to offer healthcare benefits and financial benefits to my employees through this partnership is something that wasn't available to me through other avenues.”

Further, FormaLighting has greatly benefited from listing a physical mailing address located at Office Evolution Alpharetta. The company serves clients in various states and employees are frequently on the road, so these traveling employees can take advantage of the many Office Evolution locations around the country. FormaLighting’s remote workers utilize Office Evolution conference rooms to create a professional environment for client meetings. They also access shared workspaces to feel comfortable and productive during work trips.

“Our clientele is nationwide, and we have to go out and service people in places like Los Angeles, Nashville and Charlotte,” said Augusta. “The use of the spaces in those areas gives us a more professional look and feel to our clientele.”


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