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Poolwerx Launches ‘For Healthy Pool People’ Campaign

For those looking to make a splash in the pool service industry, joining Poolwerx's franchise family offers a unique opportunity to be part of a brand that's about much more than just pools — it's about creating lasting impact and memories, one healthy pool person at a time.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 2:14PM 04/04/24

In an industry that's as fluid and dynamic as pool maintenance, standing out is crucial. Poolwerx, a leading name in the pool service sector, has made a splash with its latest campaign, "For Healthy Pool People," which aims to redefine what it means to be part of the pool-loving community. This initiative is not just about clear water — it's about creating clear value for clients, franchise partners and the brand alike.

"At the heart of Poolwerx lies the 'For Healthy Pool People' tagline, which represents so much. It’s truly a brand manifesto that goes beyond the surface of pool maintenance and service," said Tim Hewitt, vice president of marketing at Poolwerx USA. "It's about fostering a lifestyle, a community where every splash, dive and swim contributes to memorable moments and well-being."

The Essence of "For Healthy Pool People"

Poolwerx is on a mission to be more than just a destination for pool services and products. By emphasizing the lifestyle and community aspect of pool ownership, Poolwerx positions itself as a brand that cares about the experiences created in and around the pool, not just the technical side of maintenance. In a sea of pool service companies, Poolwerx's approach sets it apart.

“This tagline has been a part of our identity for years, but we want to invite more individuals to be a part of what it represents,” said Hewitt. “As we move forward in 2024, prioritizing this tagline as a strategic goal will allow us to stand out from other pool companies that merely push products and services. It serves as an invitation to the larger community.”

Whether selling healthy cleaning products, offering an algae-free guarantee or extending the pool season with heaters to partnering with swim schools to offer free swim lessons for children, Poolwerx is all about enabling people to maximize their enjoyment of their pools.

“People experience more enjoyment, health, celebrations, memorable moments and fulfillment from life spent around and in the pool,” said Hewitt. “And Poolwerx makes it possible. Each and every day. It’s something we can be proud of.”

For the Franchisees: A New Wave of Opportunity

The "For Healthy Pool People" brand campaign offers Poolwerx franchisees a unique positioning in the market. This strategic focus provides franchise partners with a deeper purpose and a more compelling story to share with their customers.

“In the same way our customers are experiencing cherished life moments, our franchise partners are experiencing new career paths, satisfaction and success for their families,” said Hewitt. “Owning a Poolwerx franchise means you're part of something bigger. It's a chance to change lives, including your own. Our Franchise Partners are crucial in spreading this vision, making every pool a source of health, happiness and connection."

This year, the corporate team also plans to spotlight vendors and Partners in Profit (PIPs) who develop the products, showcasing how their contributions are vital to the narrative and beneficial to everyone within the Poolwerx community. 

A Rallying Cry for Healthy Pool Living

The "For Healthy Pool People" initiative is more than a marketing strategy — it's a rallying cry for the brand, a North Star guiding every decision and interaction. It's about making every pool an opportunity for more enjoyment, health and fulfillment.

“This tagline embodies various meanings, but fundamentally, it represents an invitation to a community for anyone who enjoys life and memorable moments around the pool,” said Hewitt. “Maybe it's somebody who got into shape after building a pool during COVID, or a husband who found a healthy pool cleaning solution that wouldn’t bother his wife’s hair and skin, or a family who celebrated the graduations of each of their kids around the pool These stories all underscore what Poolwerx means when we say ‘For Healthy Pool People.’"

As Poolwerx moves into 2024, the "For Healthy Pool People" campaign is the framework around which the brand, its franchisees and their communities will rally. It's a shared vision for a future where pools are not just maintained but cherished as sources of joy and well-being.

"Growing up, my wife's family home had a pool so they were the hub for summer gatherings — the place to be,” said Hewitt. “I see how those memories stick with her to this day. We want to offer those life-long memories to more people. Everything we offer — from our products to our services to our knowledgeable people to our franchise opportunity — makes that ‘Healthy Pool People’ mission come to life for more people everyday.”

The team is targeting Texas, the Carolinas, Tennessee, Georgia and the East Coast for franchise growth in 2024. Qualified and passionate entrepreneurs are invited to dive in, join the Poolwerx family and learn what all the fuss is about. 

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