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Post-Pandemic Advertising Trends Are Changing Franchise Strategies

Digital display advertising can change how franchises approach their marketing.

By Justin Wick1851 Franchise Contributor
Updated 4:16PM 07/29/21

The quarantine-inspired habits of consumers are sticking around, and franchise brands are changing their marketing strategies to appeal to them.

Digital display advertising has gained momentum this year in the advertising world, and the method can be specially curated for existing or expanding franchises. This form of promotion is often found on social media or websites, and it can be tailored to precise audiences.

On Thursday, PR Newswire released an article titled What a Post-Pandemic Advertising Market Looks Like. Digital ad spending is up 20 percent from 2020, and new consumer attitudes after the COVID-19 shutdown forced more attention onto digital campaigns.

“During the pandemic, people were forced into digital channels to shop, work, communicate and entertain. Advertisers know this and believe that many will maintain the digital lifestyle now that it's part of their life,” the article says. 

For franchise brands, this means adjusting their strategy to fit the ideal media platforms of their market. PR Newswire projects this form of advertising to be an even bigger draw. “Analysts are calling for 55.2% of the total spend to go to display advertising compared to 40.2% for search,” they say. This is a $68.12 billion difference from 2020 alone.

Pay-per-click advertising giant Acquiso provides a guide to digital display ads on their website, saying “[they] should be used to build or maintain brand awareness, and foster loyalty.” Marketing agency Techwyse details a similar model on their site, suggesting that search engines are intended for consumer consideration and conversion, while display ads are meant to launch a conversation and promote that customer allegiance. 

These models show how display ads can be a useful marketing tool for franchise brands: a prospective franchisee must first become aware, and then see enough loyalty to be motivated to join.

In June, the Wall Street Journal reported a 26-percent jump in projected digital ad spending. The article features Brian Wieser, the global president of business intelligence at GroupM, who explains how Q1 numbers suggest a digital trend that is playing out quicker than even some initial projections. Wieser also mentioned that “an increase in streaming and digital products from the world’s ad-selling giants is making it possible for brands to execute more global ad deals with fewer players.”

For established or emerging franchises, this strategy can help them focus more on franchising specifics and to curate a message for a wider market of prospective franchisees. This can be particularly beneficial if a franchise brand is looking to tap into new markets.