Pretty in Paint Teams Up with Local Entrepreneur to Expand in Atlanta | 1851 Franchise
Pretty in Paint Teams Up with Local Entrepreneur to Expand in Atlanta
Pretty in Paint Teams Up with Local Entrepreneur to Expand in Atlanta

Since opening her first franchise at the end of September, Normonika Patrick has worked with the brand’s team to grow her new business.

As the paint and sip industry continues to gain momentum in the franchising industry, brands are determining the best ways to stand out in the increasingly crowded marketplace. For Pretty in Paint Parties, that means focusing on its ability to bring the environment and atmosphere of a paint studio right to customers’ homes and offices.

Founded by friends Amelia Courtney and Erica Bridges, Pretty in Paint breaks from the mold of a traditional paint and sip concept. Instead of hosting events and classes at a specific studio, the brand has taken the paint party experience and made it mobile. Clients can choose original artwork created by Pretty in Paint’s growing team of artists, and use that as a base to create paintings, door hooks and tote bags from the comfort of their homes, offices or community centers.

That unique spin on the popular business idea is what’s fueling Pretty in Paint’s success. Take Normonika Patrick—she had never considered breaking into the franchising or paint and sip industries before learning about Pretty in Paint. But the deeper she dug into the business and its potential for growth, she signed on to open up her own franchise in Atlanta, Georgia.

“I was actually working for my family’s business before I discovered Pretty in Paint. My parents owned a convenient store, and I helped out with inventory and other administrative tasks. I branched out on my own when they decided to sell the store earlier this year, and started looking into my own venture. That’s ultimately what led me to the paint and sip industry,” said Patrick. “What then led me to Pretty in Paint specifically was an article on 1851. I liked what I read, and starting doing my own research before eventually calling Amelia and Erica for more information. My decision to invest came down to the fact that Pretty in Paint offers different things that you don’t really see in this industry, like the ability to create door hangers and tote bags in addition to traditional paintings. There’s also a strong partnership with Stand Up to Cancer, and the brand is all about giving back."

Since launching her business this year at the end of September, Patrick has seen consistent growth. While she’s still finding new ways to grow and expand her reach, the support of the Pretty in Paint team has been invaluable. The brand is hands-on in its approach to helping franchisees get their business off the ground—between initial and ongoing training, the brand’s corporate team and franchisees all come together to lend a helping hand or pass along advice when needed. Pretty in Paint also has a low initial investment that ranges between $14,775 and $37,300.

Going forward into the new year, Pretty in Paint is looking to continue expanding across the East Coast with the help of new franchisees.

“I would recommend Pretty in Paint to anyone who’s looking to get into the paint and sip industry. Amelia and Erica have been so supportive, and they’re there for me whenever I have questions—they’ll help you out however they can,” said Partrick. “That kind of support is evident across the entire franchise system. Other franchisees are also helpful with everything, and there’s a real sense of community. You can make this opportunity what you want—whether you’re full-time or part-time, you have the flexibility to build your own business while still having a team behind you.”