From Software Leadership to Property Management, Local Husband and Wife Team Bring Property Management Inc. to the Heart of South Shore
From Software Leadership to Property Management, Local Husband and Wife Team Bring Property Management Inc. to the Heart of South Shore

President and owner of PMI Plymouth Casey Howe sees early success and looks for continued growth in the Northeast market.

Property Management Inc. has made quite the splash in the real estate and property management industry over the last several years. In fact, the company recently earned the top spot in Entrepreneur’s 2019 Franchise 500 ranking real estate category for the third consecutive year.

One franchisee who has seen this type of success early in his time with the brand is Casey Howe, President and Owner of PMI Plymouth, Massachusetts. Howe truly loves the challenge of building things, especially when it comes to building teams.

“Having worked in software leadership in areas like Silicon Valley, I have had the opportunity to build teams of up to 50 people or more for various projects throughout my career,” said Howe. “When my wife and I discussed potential opportunities, we ultimately made the decision to move from San Francisco to the Cape, where she is from originally. Once the move was complete, I started looking at various business models to see what could be a fit, based on my background and interest areas.”

Ultimately, Howe wanted to find an opportunity that would allow him to build business in which market conditions were favorable to providing an opportunity to become the No. 1 ranked property management company in the region, and top producing franchisee nationwide.

“When looking initially, I narrowed the options down to just a few business models that I felt the local area had a need for,” said Howe. “There were several vacation management and rental companies in the market, but there wasn’t one long-term option that really felt like a strong fit for me. After doing additional research, I found PMI and really felt they were the best option. During all my research, they continued to show up at the top of every search. Knowing that I would have the ability to build something with their overall support meant it was a no brainer.”

Howe and his team currently service customers from Boston to the Cape, including Plymouth, South Boston, Fall River, South Shore and beyond.

“The market is a great fit for PMI,” said Howe. “Our business offers full-service solutions to clients in the area, whereas other companies require you to work with a realtor for one thing and then various other companies and contacts along the way. We work to make the process seamless, so our customers feel as comfortable as possible the whole time.”  

Consistent with its status as a real estate and property management leader in the area, Property Management Inc. has also leveraged the ongoing real estate boom in and around Boston over the last few years. In fact, in 2017, Boston added more housing than it had since the ‘90s, releasing an estimated 5,349 permits for new properties, apartments and condos. The spike in permits ultimately led to a 17 percent increase in housing permits when compared to the number of permits released in 2015.

“Beyond our day-to-day customers, we are heavily focused on the investor market in this region,” said Howe. “Boston is a city that has survived economic downturns better than most and is continuing to expand and grow. There are a lot of investment properties people are buying in New Bedford and other surrounding areas and Boston’s been categorized as a top market for real estate investments.”

Howe and his team are also looking for more ways to be involved in the community. “There is an organization in the Cape, called the Housing Assistance Corporation,” said Howe. “They offer a continuum of housing programs that evolve with the changing needs of the community. My wife and I are looking to work with them on a few initiatives.”

Expansion plans for the Plymouth team are ambitious. “We want to be the number one property management and leasing company in New England,” said Howe. “This includes excellent customer service, local reviews and word-of-mouth marketing. We are prepared to hire ahead of when we need labor and to spend toward marketing in order to bring services to clients that they aren’t receiving anywhere else.”

The investment range falls between $21,250 and $106,800. For more information on franchising opportunities with PMI, visit https://propertymanagementincfranchise.com/.

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