QSR Magazine: Sweetgreen Going Cashless in 2017
QSR Magazine: Sweetgreen Going Cashless in 2017

Without cash, Sweetgreen can speed up service by 10 percent, according to co-founder.

Sweetgreen is making a major change to the way the brand does business in 2017. In January, the fast-casual plans to stop accepting cash at New York, Illinois, California, and Pennsylvania locations according to a recent QSR Magazine article. Then in March, Sweetgreen locations in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. will follow suit.

The growing fast casual chain currently has 64 locations in California and the Northeast alone, with plans to open 30 stores in eight markets in the New Year.

The co-founder of Sweetgreen, Jonathan Neman, says the change will make service faster by 10 percent, even though less than 10 percent of the company’s sales are from cash transactions.

The decision to go cashless includes other benefits besides increasing speed. With less cash around, there is a smaller chance for robbery, the costs for transferring cash around decreases, managers can eliminate the task of counting cash from their jobs and there is less of a risk of sanitation issues from touching cash.

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