QSR Magazine: The Importance of Franchisee Satisfaction
QSR Magazine: The Importance of Franchisee Satisfaction

According to Franchise Business Review, franchisee satisfaction among foodservice franchisees is lower than other industries.

For any franchise brand to succeed, its network of local business owners needs to be happy. It doesn’t matter what industry a brand operates in—if satisfaction isn’t high, it will negatively impact the franchise’s business momentum.

However, according to an article in QSR Magazine that sites Franchise Business Review data, satisfaction among foodservice franchisees is five to 10 percent lower than other industries. There are a lot of reasons that could be contributing to this difference. But while one of the most frequently sited issues is financial, there’s more to franchisee satisfaction.

In an interview with QSR Magazine, Eric Stites, CEO of Franchise Business Review, said, “Gross sales mean nothing to franchisee satisfaction. What really drives satisfaction is profitability. We do see a direct link between profitability and franchisee satisfaction, but beyond that, it’s not just about money.”

Brands can take a number of steps to boost their satisfaction rates. One is managing expectations—local business owners need to have a solid idea of what they can expect from their investment. Brands can also include their franchisees in conversations when making major changes to operations.

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