QSR Magazine: Wing Zone Brings National Bacon Day to the Forefront
QSR Magazine: Wing Zone Brings National Bacon Day to the Forefront

Wing Zone strives to satisfy bacon lovers by celebrating lesser-known holiday.

Like many fan favorite foods, bacon has its own holiday. This Saturday many restaurants are celebrating International Bacon Day, pushing their porky offerings top customers eager to celebrate.
Wing Zone's best-selling burgers, the Smokehouse and the monstrous, stacked "Widowmaker" both feature crispy bacon. The "Widowmaker" is four patties, four slices of cheese and four slices of bacon. And for the Wing Zone fans, it's the perfect way to celebrate the food holiday.
“Up until this year … I wasn’t aware that there was a National Bacon Day. I’m not surprised by any stretch; I think it deserves to be a true national holiday that gets a little bit more recognition,” says Wing Zone CMO Dan Corrigan.
With the rise of the 'better burger' segment Wing Zone has invested in higher quality ingredients to top them with too, including applewood smoked bacon.
Their wings even got the bacon treatment with the first Flavor Face-off in-store offerings: BBQ Bacon Nirvana, which Corrigan says could make a reappearance.
“People either loved or hated it. Some stores sold really well and others not so much,” he says. “It was another niche that we will probably look to bring back at some point if it’s something that our fans are still craving.”
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