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QSR Magazine: Wing Zone is Winning by Controlling the Delivery Experience

Wing Zone CEO & co-founder Matt Friedman shares how the wing franchise is up 48% in sales during the unprecedented time.

Through its delivery-based business model, Wing Zone has been able to provide its franchisees with strong potential for revenue, even during this complicated landscape. Wing Zone’s business model, combined with innovative services and a strong support system, is driving sales growth to an all-time high.

“I would say one of the most impactful things for us, is that we are able to fully control the experience of our brand,” Friedman told QSR. “It appears to me that the consumer is trusting dealing with the brand directly rather than through a third-party.”

In an interview with QSR Magazine, Wing Zone co-founder and CEO Matt Friedman speaks about how Wing Zone is experiencing an increase in sales by 48% over last year. According to Friedman, Wing Zone is also adding approximately 200 jobs in addition to 100 new drivers across all locations to keep up with demand, and the brand is currently supplying all franchisees with a Wing Zone driver, uniform and hot bag to safely deliver meals to customers.

“I think we’re going to see a surge in franchising,” Friedman stated, in the article. “And I think we’re going to see a surge in specific brands that are, I hate to use the word essential, but one that fits where this world is going to go for maybe the next one to five years. Convenience is big. Where is the right price point, delivery? What are some things that people will enjoy in their homes?”

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