RainTree CEO Brent Dowling Profiled in Denver Business Journal
RainTree CEO Brent Dowling Profiled in Denver Business Journal

Dubbed "Denver's franchise fixer" in the 'Executive Voice' feature, Dowling details his journey from pro snowboarder to Australia's youngest U.N. diplomat to his current role leading RainTree.

Brent Dowling is a man of many talents. The former professional snowboarder-turned-U.N. diplomat took an interesting route to the spot he currently occupies at the top of the franchising space as CEO of franchise sales solution RainTree, a journey that was recently explored in a feature interview in the Denver Business Journal

Dowling's natural know-how harnessed in an entry-level job at Doc Popcorn has led him to be adorned with the unofficial title of Denver's "franchise fixer" through his work at RainTree, which according to the article, has awarded more than 1,000 franchises and is turning down five companies, on average, seeking its services per week.

"Dowling’s team touches every component of a franchise," the article reads, "digging for weaknesses, developing leads and closing sales. The biggest issue he sees is that small business owners want to take their idea to scale, but don't have the unit level of economics to make it work. And then when inexperienced franchises grow to dozens of locations, unprepared owners might start without getting support on real estate decisions or beginning construction without enough revenue."

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