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Renew Crew’s Endless Opportunities: The Benefits of a Multi-Brand Franchisor

Premium Services Brand CEO Paul Flick discusses the benefits of Renew Crew franchise owners having the support of a multi-brand franchisor.

By Sarah Baumann1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 2:14PM 08/25/20

When Premium Service Brands acquired power washing franchise Renew Crew, Paul Flick, CEO & founder of Premium Service Brands (PSB), saw an opportunity. The Renew Crew model provided a service that complemented the multi-brand franchisor’s home-centered brands: 360? Painting, HandyMan Pro, ProLift Garage Doors*, Kitchen Wise and Maid Right. The acquisition not only provided another vertical that customers could trust for their home service needs, but franchisees also could feel comfortable expanding with another brand to diversify their portfolios.

“All of our brands are focused on the home,” said Flick. “Renew Crew brings a service to our customer base that even the most do-it-yourself homeowners don’t necessarily have the time or resources to accomplish on their own. There’s a level of professionalism that all our business models provide, and customers know exactly what they’re getting when they walk through the door. We’ve now provided one more vertical they can trust and come to know.”

Unlike other power washing brands, Renew Crew is eco-friendly and does not use caustic acids, chlorine, damaging pressure levels or any other chemicals or systems that can harm the materials used in someone’s property or landscaping. The brand gained notoriety for it’s green offerings, and has further potential to grow under the guidance of PSB.

“Renew Crew was founded on the idea that there had to be a better way to clean outdoor surfaces,” PSB vice president of marketing Samantha Lin told 1851. “The result was a brand that highly valued utilizing advanced products that would do a thorough job while also protecting the surrounding landscape and home residents. Today, Renew Crew is proud to service customers in 13 states through our 29 active units.”

While there are many benefits to being backed by a multi-brand franchisor, franchisees who buy into Renew Crew can feel confident in the many resources that Premium Service Brands can provide. The franchisor not only offers extensive training to all new franchisees, but also full service social media & marketing. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the states, Premium Service Brands also took the needed steps to enhance their resources, offering extended safety training, diversified marketing, new technology, and guidance on how to provide contactless service.

“I’ve heard franchisees say that our guidance truly helped them in those initial stages of the pandemic,” said Flick. “With the recent acquisition, we had so many new franchisees looking to get on board with Renew Crew at the top of the year. We certainly had a few hurdles to climb with them, but we provided them with what they needed to be successful.”

Flick added that another benefit of a multi-brand backing is that franchisees can learn from other brands within the industry. With so much geographical overlap between brands, the immediate network for the average franchisee can be extensive. Renew Crew franchisees now inherit a network of peers to lean on and who have likely faced similar challenges, particularly in the COVID-19 era. 

The initial training with Renew Crew and PSB ensures that a franchisee’s network is built within the first few days of working with the brand. Franchisees spend a week and a half at the brand’s corporate headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia, at the PSB training program and meet with all departments at PSB and are trained in sales, operations, accounting, technology, marketing and more.  

“Now that Renew Crew is a part of the Premium Service Brand family,” said Flick, “the way I see it is that they now offer not only wood, concrete and hardscape cleaning and protecting, but anything else that’s offered under our umbrella. In this way, franchisees cannot only get resources from the corporate team, but they can rely on their fellow entrepreneurs as well.”

Perhaps one of the greatest opportunities that multi-brand franchisors provide is the opportunity for franchisees to diversify their income streams and buy into multiple brands. One outstanding benefit for franchisees who buy into a second or third brand is that they can invest at a discounted rate; however, the real opportunity is that franchisees who see a gap in what their customers need can build through multiple-brand ownership and supplement their customers’ needs. Franchisees can adapt to a new business model quickly because they’re all fairly similar under the same corporate umbrella.

Flick attests that many of their franchisees seem to take to entrepreneurship naturally, and it’s a characteristic they seek when building their teams: “Top franchisees are coming from previous experience with a small business or a franchise, and oftentimes with corporate experience. There’s a hunger to branch out on their own with a model they can learn quickly and an industry with which their skill set allows them to thrive.”

As Renew Crew continues to grow under Premium Service Brands, Flick believes the franchisor will only become stronger. “Our franchisees are what drive the success or failure of our brands,” he said. “In a time when so many people are staying at home, our people are out there providing the services homeowners need but don’t necessarily know how to perform on their own. We have an opportunity to grow and Renew Crew is one big piece of that puzzle.”

The average Renew Crew investment ranges from $100,000 to $150,000, with a franchise fee of $60,000. For more information, visit:

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