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LinkedIn: How Multi-Unit Brands Successfully Market at the Local Level With Ryan Rose From Romeo's Pizza

President and CEO of Romeo’s Pizza Ryan Rose shares how his business stays successful in a competitive industry.

By Sydney Weine1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 1:13PM 08/25/21

In a recent interview with LinkedIn Show Host Rev Ciancio, Romeo’s Pizza President and CEO Ryan Rose discussed how the brand is thriving even in an extremely competitive market. Right now, Romeo’s Pizza has 50-plus locations across the U.S. However, it has plans to grow into 200 locations. The franchise is expanding to new locations  because brand loyalty typically doesn’t exist yet in new towns.

In the interview, Rose said, “[These newer markets] just want a good product, and they're used to the big guys where it’s about a stock price more than it’s about the quality of the pizza.”

Romeo’s Pizza prides itself in providing a helpful and supportive corporate team for its franchisees. The corporate team does everything they can to make sure their owners are set up for success in whatever market they enter into.

Watch the full interview here.