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Ruth Jenkin’s FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center Brings Relief to Florida’s Seniors and Veterans, Including Her Husband

When the Santa Rosa Beach franchisee’s husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, her business offered crucial support.

In 1985, Ruth Jenkins graduated from the Queen Elizabeth School of Physiotherapy in Birmingham England. She worked in England for two years as a Physical Therapist and then moved to the US with her husband, a military veteran. She has worked in Washington DC, Maryland, and Orlando, Florida prior to moving to Crestview in 2005. 

Jenkins is one of just 45 therapists in Florida who is a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT). With extensive training in joint mobilization and soft tissue techniques for treating orthopedic conditions, Jenkins's training also includes advanced training in pelvic health. She has a particular interest in treating pelvic pain disorders such as pudendal neuralgia and vulvodynia. Her practice treats women and men with incontinence, interstitial cystitis, pelvic pain, endometriosis, dyspareunia, osteoporosis, pregnancy-related conditions, lower back pain/sacroiliac dysfunction and orthopedic conditions or musculoskeletal problems.

Jenkins has seen tremendous results since converting her private practice clinics to the FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers franchise. Since he left the military, her husband was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and he benefits from FYZICAL’s rock steady boxing program to help keep the disease under control.

1851 Franchise: How did your previous career set you up for success as a franchisee?

Ruth Jenkins: Due to practicing in multiple locations following my husband’s military career, I have been blessed with truly excellent clinician opportunities to improve my clinical skills. I desire to take care of patients in the best manor possible and that fits hand and hand with the FYZICAL business model. 

1851: Why did you choose to go into franchising? What was the trigger moment that led you to become a franchisee with FYZICAL?

Jenkins: I had been in private practice myself with two clinics for a few years. I had been given an opportunity to sell my practice, but I decided to explore the FYZICAL Franchise before doing so. I immediately knew this was the right opportunity for me and my staff, to bring unique services to NW FL and have the business and clinical expertise to assist with this. We became part of FYZICAL in 2017.

1851: How have you integrated your business into your community?

Jenkins: There are lots of military veterans and seniors in the area. It fits really well in the community. The clinics that I own have all of the FYZICAL programs including the pelvic health, orthopedics and balance and vestibular programs. There are no other specialized clinics for treatment of balance and vestibular disorders. It’s great for the veterans. 

My husband has Parkinsons. He participates in our rock steady boxing. There are lots of veterans with neurological problems who benefit from the balance and vestibular therapy.

We have other services as well including Med-Fit (with MOG — Medically Oriented Gym) where we participate with a national medical fitness program where our patients transition from physical therapy to the gym when they are no longer in need for our medical programs. 

1851: Do you work with any other local businesses or organizations? 

Jenkins: We are involved in the Chamber of Commerce. We also provide expertise at the health fair and I am on the health committee. We also participate in beach clean up day as a staff.

1851: What's your favorite patient success story?

Jenkins: I myself am a manual and pelvic therapist. I have seen patients who have such severe pain they can’t sit down. I have one patient in his mid-60s who drives two hours to see us. At first he had to lay down in the car while his wife drove him to therapy and now he can drive himself. It’s super rewarding because he used to be homebound. There is no other clinic like us in his area that was able to help him.

1851: What are the benefits you’ve found with franchising compared to independent ownership?

Jenkins: My private practices switched over to FYZICAL. The franchise model gives us support from other franchisees and the brand itself. You feel part of the family. There’s a huge benefit of being part of the franchise.