From Fast Food Manager to Saladworks Franchise Owner
From Fast Food Manager to Saladworks Franchise Owner

Vince Rosetti finds success with Saladworks in the booming healthier, better-for-you restaurant industry

Vince Rosetti and Saladworks have a love-at-first-taste relationship.

He and his family dined at a Saladworks location for the first time on a whim due to long lines at a restaurant next door. After his first visit, where he saw a note on the menu about franchise opportunities, Rosetti decided to make the call.

“I always knew I wanted to go into business for myself, and I’ve always enjoyed working in the restaurant industry in particular,” Rosetti said. “After I made that call to Saladworks, things got moving pretty quickly.”

Rosetti first got into the restaurant business years ago as an assistant manager for Arby’s in high school. He also spent time working in a butcher shop at the 9th Street Italian Market in Philadelphia, and after college, he worked in food manufacturing for companies like Heinz and Fleer Corporation.

“I ended up deciding on Saladworks because the restaurant is unique, the food is great and the prices are incredibly reasonable,” Rosetti said. “Getting started in franchising was certainly a learning experience, but the concept made sense for me and I liked that I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel.”

Today, Rosetti is celebrating the success of his first location in Bensalem, Pennsylvania as they mark their 10 year anniversary. He also runs a location in Philadelphia that has been open for seven years.

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