The Virginian-Pilot: Sibling Duo Brings Saladworks to Virginia
The Virginian-Pilot: Sibling Duo Brings Saladworks to Virginia

The owners of a Saladworks in Hilltop, Virginia look to eventually expand their franchise.

Siblings MaryAnn Cohen and John Reddecliff brainstormed during the holiday season of 2012 about the prospect of opening a business together. They discovered Saladworks and were intrigued because they felt that there was nothing filling the void of fast casual restaurants with healthy options in the area. By October of the following year, the two signed their first franchise agreement and Cohen and Reddecliff opened Hilltop, Virginia's first Saladworks in August of 2014.

The interior is vibrant with bright colors. The menu offers a large selection of healthy choices, ranging from the usual salad ingredients, to more unique toppings such as butternut squash and quinoa. There is also a selection of over 20 salad dressings. Today, Cohen and Reddecliff are looking to expand by opening their second franchise, this time in Hampton Roads.

“I’m proud every day of what we are doing,” Cohen said. “I enjoy working with John. It’s fun to have a partner you can trust and respect.”

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