Showhomes Houston Featured In Houston House & Home Magazine
Showhomes Houston Featured In Houston House & Home Magazine

Showhomes Houston franchisees Shelley and Pratt Barndollar discuss how a qualified Home Staging Expert can be the difference in your home selling or sitting in today's real estate market.

Houston Showhomes franchisees Shelley and Pratt Barndollar were recently featured in a piece in Houston House & Home Magazine about the Seven Sins That Sink A Sale.

The piece discusses the mistakes home sellers should steer clear of to avoid undercutting a home’s value and keeping it on the market indefinitely.

"If you are selling your home, beware of these pitfalls: Lackluster listing photos; dirt and clutter, an unkempt exterior; poor lighting; personal items like family photos; plumbing, electrical or system issues; and brightly painted wall treatments," The article reads, noting that one key way to avoid making these grave errors in the home selling process is enlisting the help of a staging professional, which is where Shelley and Pratt Barndollar come in. 

“If a home is vacant, it’s hard for most buyers to visualize how the space will work for them. That’s why vacant staging is so important," Shelley said. "Having someone live in the home to make sure it’s secure and clean and always available to show is great for home owners who don’t live in town. ... The home manager also pays the utilities. It’s a good option for those who need an onsite caretaker,” she said.

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