The Top Five Reasons to Become a Showhomes Franchisee
The Top Five Reasons to Become a Showhomes Franchisee

From its increasingly in-demand services to unrealized growth potential in key development markets across the country, the brand offers its local owners the unique opportunity to tap into a variety of programs that can lead to multiple revenue streams.

As the housing and real estate industries continue to rebound, the role that home staging plays in the space is becoming increasingly important. That’s why demand in the industry is at an all-time high—sellers are actively looking to work with professional stagers to help their homes go from a listing to a final sale. And when it comes to top quality home staging services, Showhomes has positioned itself as the brand to beat.

For over 30 years, Showhomes has been setting a new standard for excellence in the booming segment. It’s bringing a level of innovation to the industry that’s otherwise missing—in addition to traditional home staging, the brand offers its customers home manager staging, home makeovers and home updating services. And with 58 units currently thriving in communities across the country, it’s clear that Showhomes’ unique model is catching on among consumers and business owners alike.

There’s no shortage of competitive advantages that come with launching a Showhomes franchise. However, these are the top five factors are the ones that owners consistently point to as the main reasons they decided to become a franchisee and grow alongside the leading brand.

1. Showhomes’ Services Remain in Demand No Matter the State of the Housing Market

It’s no secret that the housing industry is volatile by nature. But even when the market is experiencing a downturn, Showhomes’ services remain in demand. Regardless of the state of the economy, sellers consistently put their homes on the market. And in order to sell them, they need to ensure that their properties are presentable for prospective buyers. That gives Showhomes franchisees the opportunity to tap into a steady stream of clients to boost their bottom lines, and even expand their reach as business owners.

“Staging is an essential part of the home selling process, and there isn’t another company out there that does it better than Showhomes,” said Matt Kelton, Showhomes’ COO. “Especially as the housing industry continues to bounce back and experience some positive growth, demand for our services is continuing to climb. That’s a trend that we expect to continue down the line, which makes now an incredibly exciting time to be a part of the Showhomes family.”

2. Opportunities for Growth Are Available in Key Markets Across the Country

With its sights set on crossing the milestone 100-unit mark in the near future, Showhomes is able to offer new franchisees the rights to develop and own top tier markets. While other franchise brands sell out or oversaturate key cities, Showhomes is able to grow in major development areas because of its flexible business model. And as the brand continues to target key regions like Southern California and Southeast Florida for expansion, it’s perfectly positioned to break into previously untapped real estate markets and their local communities.

“What really lured me in to the Showhomes brand was the opportunity to grow as a business owner. Especially with my experience as a real estate broker, teaming up with the brand has allowed me to build on my existing client base and reach even more customers than I was before,” said Kent Welch, a Showhomes franchisee in Kansas City, Missouri. “I couldn’t be happier with my decision to become a Showhomes franchisee. Even after launching my location, I’m still finding new ways to expand alongside the brand.”

3. The Brand Offers a Simple, Proven and Affordable Business Ownership Opportunity

Every part of Showhomes’ business is designed to set its franchisees up for success. The brand’s corporate support team goes above and beyond to ensure that Showhomes’ system is easily accessible to aspiring entrepreneurs, starting with its simple business model. By becoming a Showhomes franchisee, local owners gain access to a step-by-step system that’s been proven to be successful in a variety of different communities across the country. It’s also incredibly affordable for owners to get their businesses off the ground—initial investments range from $50,700 to $84,860.

4. Showhomes Enables its Franchisees to Tap into Multiple Revenue Streams

By offering four distinct services within the home staging industry, Showhomes’ business model provides its owners with an automatic leg up on the competition. The industry historically lacks innovation, ultimately positioning Showhomes at the forefront of the industry. And when Showhomes franchisees add those innovative services to their own individual locations, they have the potential to tap into multiple revenue streams.

“Our business model is different than anything else in the industry. There isn’t another company that offers something that’s on par with our home manager program, which is what really makes us stand out from the competition,” said Barbara Bliss, a Showhomes franchisee in Chicago, Illinois’ North Shore neighborhood. “Working with Showhomes has allowed me to diversify my portfolios in ways that I didn’t think was possible, and has ultimately opened up the door to additional revenue streams that weren’t available to me before.”

5. Franchisees Can Scale Their Businesses Through the Brand’s Unique Services and Support

Beyond the ability to tap into multiple revenue streams, Showhomes’ variety of unique services also enables its franchisees to scale their businesses at a rapid rate. And by relying on the brand’s corporate support team and network of other knowledgeable local owners, entrepreneurs can continue to take their business to the next level, which positions them for long-term success.

“As a franchisor, our number one priority is helping our franchisees reach their full potential as business owners. We want to put them in a position to expand their reach and work with as many consumers as possible within their territories,” said Kelton. “To make that mission a reality, we work closely with all of our local owners to ensure that they’re following our proven system and utilizing every resource at their disposal. We’re looking forward to helping even more franchisees get their businesses off the ground as we continue to expand in the months and years ahead.” 


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