Superior Service Helps Signal 88 Security Win National Accounts
Superior Service Helps Signal 88 Security Win National Accounts

Signal 88 forges strong partnerships with national clients through dedicated franchisees and top-notch offerings.

When Signal 88 Security, a premier security services franchise, started working with Greystar Properties in the Southeast, the nationwide property management company was impressed with the world-class security services and peace of mind Signal 88 provided. Eventually, word spread throughout Greystar’s 40 offices, and in 2015, Greystar selected Signal 88 as its nationally exclusive security provider.

“Our relationship with Greystar, which is one of our larger national accounts, was born through our franchise owners in South Carolina,” said Justin Unrau, Director of National Accounts for Signal 88. “We provided professional, valuable services in South Carolina, and the people at Greystar loved them so much that they decided to extend the relationship to properties across the country.”

Founded on the belief that safety and the peace of mind that comes with it is a basic human right and need, Signal 88 has distinguished itself from its competitors and won national accounts like Greystar that provide business to Signal 88’s network of franchisees.

“The corporate team massages relationships with national clients behind the scenes and then we educate our franchisees about opportunities to work with them,” Unrau said. “We work hard to help our franchise owners forge great relationships with our national clients.”

Unrau said franchise owners also play a critical role in strengthening Signal 88’s partnerships with its national clients. For example, the number of Walmart locations Signal 88 serves has increased by 65 percent since the end of 2017 due to the company’s dedication to customer service, brand standards, and attention to detail.

“National clients like Walmart are looking for consistency and uniformity in the security services they receive, which is one of the great advantages of our franchise model,” Unrau said. “We are seeing more opportunities to serve Walmart stores because our franchise owners offer services that rise above the competition. Store owners are impressed and put in a good word with higher-ups who decide it would be great to have our services not only at one location, but hundreds.”

Although Signal 88 offers a full suite of security services, Unrau believes the company’s unique mobile patrol model sets it apart from other companies competing for national accounts. Signal 88’s highly visible security vehicles deter vehicle break ins, car theft, burglary attempts, loitering and mischief on client properties and enable officers to respond to trouble at a moment’s notice.

“Many of our competitors only offer a static standing guard,” Unrau said. “Our patrol model allows us to make our presence known. We have learned criminals don’t like to be watched and monitored, and we do that with our patrol model by being the eyes and ears of our property managers.”

Unrau said the digital reports that include photos, video and GPS data that officers compile after each patrol are also valuable to clients.

“When property managers come to work in the morning and read the detailed report from the night before, they get a head start on the maintenance work that needs to be addressed,” Unrau said. “The reports help the property manager be efficient and tackle problems before they are discovered by residents.”

Jeff Chovan, a Signal 88 franchisee who owns locations in Denver, Colorado, and Phoenix, Arizona, believes he provides superior services to the Walmart and Greystar locations in his markets because he has established a personal relationship with each store owner and property manager.

“Although Signal 88 is a national company, local owners are responsible for their relationships,” Chovan said. When it comes down to it, it’s my partnership, so I focus on it and I own it in a way that bigger competitors who are out of touch cannot do. I am very attentive to clients like Greystar and Walmart, so they are comfortable with us, they trust us, and we are their resource for security needs.”

For more information about franchising opportunities with Signal 88, visit http://www.signal88franchise.com.