Transitioning from the Army to Owning a Franchise with Signal 88 Security
Transitioning from the Army to Owning a Franchise with Signal 88 Security

As one of many veteran owners in the system, Signal 88 franchisee Rebecca Resendes discusses her career journey

Discipline, hard work, determination. These are just a few of the traits that Signal 88 Security franchisee Rebecca Resendes says she took from her military training and applied directly to her new business. Resendes opened her franchise in Colorado Springs back in August of last year, and already is seeing tremendous success with the company.

“In just over a year, we have gone from 15 contracts to 72 contracts,” said Resendes. “And we already purchased the rights to the entire territory so we are looking to continue that growth.”

Resendes spent 13 years as an active duty Chemical Officer in the Army, reaching the rank of Major. Though she still serves today as a reservist, she made the transition from full time soldier to small business owner mostly out of a need to do more.

“After my active duty military career, I took a job with the government in the Department of Defense,” said Resendes. “The work was just too slow, nothing like active duty. I was pulling my hair out and knew I needed to do something else, so I decided ‘why not try to run my own business?’”

Though she knew she wanted to start her own business, she admits she didn’t really know where to begin, until a friend of hers told her about The Entrepreneur’s Source. Resendes called the service, and Signal 88 immediately popped up as a perfect fit for her background and experience.

“I was still hesitant at first,” said Resendes. “I wasn’t necessarily a security-oriented person as a Chemical Officer, but luckily my husband Johnny comes from an infantry background and was able to help out on the day to day. You really cannot run a business all by yourself.”

Signal 88 Security has made a point of finding qualified veterans and current military members to serve as franchisee partners and security employees. According to CEO Reed Nyffeler, transitioning military personnel like Rebecca Resendes have the perfect attributes they look for in successful franchisees.

“We love bringing in people like Rebecca, someone with a background of service, excellence, and discipline,” said Nyffeler. “They know how to manage teams, how to overcome all obstacles, and how to follow a franchise model to create their own success.”

That success is apparent for Signal 88, as the brand has opened 24 new locations this year, and seen 22 percent growth over last year.

Resendes also believes that this company growth will mean more great opportunities for those with a military background like hers.

“Military people know how to take initiative and how to manage their time well, and they are always looking for things that are out of the ordinary, which is essential in security work,” said Resendes. “We hire mostly former military as our own employees for this reason.”

Resendes stresses, however, that franchise ownership is not right for someone that is looking for a quick buck or an easy way out.  It takes self-discipline and dedication, which is why Resendes and other veteran owners have excelled.

 “I would tell someone thinking about this to try to prepare as much as you want, but you never know until you are in it,” said Resendes. “You have to deal with each obstacle as it pops up, and it is not for people who don’t love change. I love change, I am always busy, and I love it.”