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Smoothie King's Commitment to Innovation Allows Franchisees to Grow
Smoothie King's Commitment to Innovation Allows Franchisees to Grow
By working with local owners to establish food trucks and mobile food carts, Smoothie King helps its franchisees grow their businesses.

With nearly 800 units worldwide, it’s no surprise that Smoothie King has created a franchise system that encourages its local owners to grow their businesses. But when it comes to multi-unit expansion, the brand’s franchisees have an advantage that other restaurant chain owners aren’t privy to. Thanks to the ingenuity of the brand—and its franchisees—entrepreneurs are able to expand the offerings of their traditional brick-and-mortar locations with the help of food trucks and event catering services in an effort to bring in more revenue and potentially fund their future expansion efforts.

For Quamisha Nelson, a Smoothie King franchisee in Jacksonville, North Carolina, operating a food truck has been an invaluable asset to her business. She added a food truck to her first Smoothie King location after realizing that there were no healthy food options at popular summer festivals.

“There’s a real need for healthy food at festivals, and having a food truck is the best way to capitalize on that demand,” said Nelson. “As soon as the food truck made its debut, it was a hit. People who had never been to a Smoothie King before started seeking us out and have since become regular customers. It opened the door to a whole new consumer base.”

That heightened level of brand awareness is only one of the benefits food trucks bring to the table. Having a mobile Smoothie King unit is also a way for franchisees to grow without making a full financial investment in another physical location. In fact, the extra revenue that food trucks can provide can potentially help fund a local owner’s future expansion efforts.

Incorporating a food truck into Smoothie King’s franchise system is also an easy process. Chad Tramuta, one of the brand’s franchise development managers, says Smoothie King is constantly looking for ways to work with franchisees to take their units to the next level.

“The simplicity and flexibility of Smoothie King’s model fosters a creative and innovative environment across the entire franchise system. When our franchisees come to us with an idea that will ultimately bring our delicious and healthy products to more customers—while setting them up for success at the same time—we’re more than willing to work with them to make it a reality,” said Tramuta. “We’re 100 percent committed to helping our franchisees grow within our system so they can reach their full potential as entrepreneurs and business owners.”

Smoothie King’s innovation efforts have not gone unnoticed by customers—particularly where food trucks are concerned. Not only is Nelson’s truck bringing the brand’s “Smoothies With a Purpose®” to new communities, it’s also sparking interest within the catering industry. When consumers realize they can have a Smoothie King food truck at their next party or event, they want to know where to sign up.

The brand’s commitment to fully exploring its franchisees’ plans for development goes beyond food trucks and mobile food carts. As Smoothie King continues to utilize new and unique tools, its owners—and the corporate brand as a whole— will only continue to grow.

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