Social Geek Radio: Using Google’s Technology to Boost Your Operating System
Social Geek Radio: Using Google’s Technology to Boost Your Operating System

Brian Spindel, co-founder of PostNet, visits Social Geek Radio to explain why more franchisors are integrating Google into their brand’s best practices.

There’s no shortage of programs at franchisors’ disposal to manage the day to day operations of their brands. But some systems have been proven to work better than others.

Brian Spindel, co-founder of PostNet, joins Social Geek Radio hosts Jack Monson and Deb Evans during this week’s podcast to explain why his brand has implemented Google’s technology across its franchise system. The platform goes way beyond email and calendars—Google allows PostNet to communicate with an unlimited number of groups.

“The groups are used extensively by our committees, advisory council, pilot groups, test groups, people that are in the process of testing various products or services or technologies that we’re considering rolling out,” said Spindel.

In addition to facilitating simple communication between groups, Google also enables franchise brands to be transparent with their local owners. By bridging the gap between corporate teams and franchisees, Google helps position brands for growth and success.

Spindel said, “I think transparency is important.” He continued, “I think there was a time when franchisors were, I guess, suspicious or suspect to the concept of message boards and forums because they were concerned about putting people together and being transparent and making those connections and things like that. Today’s franchisors understand that that’s the best thing you could possibly do. Best practices come out of that. If you do have issues in your system you’re going to learn about them. And if you don’t do that, if you don’t enable your franchisees to communicate in your system, they’ll go outside of your system.”

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