Data First, Act Second
Data First, Act Second

Jeff Dudan, CEO, AdvantaClean franchise joins Social Geek Radio to tell us about their franchise culture and best practices using social media marketing.

Social Geek Radio host Jack Monson was joined by Jeff Dudan, CEO AdvantaClean franchise system. Jeff shared the importance of community and AdvantaClean's best practices with social media marketing.

Jeff's bio:

"My journey as an entrepreneur began during college when I started a summer business painting student housing, quickly becoming the largest painter town. Upon graduation from Appalachian State University, the painting business was transitioned to family members.

In 1994, we responded to the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew in South Florida, leading to the foundation the business which would one day become AdvantaClean. 

As the nation's leading provider of Light Environmental Services™, AdvantaClean began franchising in 2009 and has grown to over 225 territories operating in 33 states. 

AdvantaClean perpetuates a value based culture where respect, resolution, growth, learning, and servant leadership which are fundamental to the way we interact with one another, and our customers. 

Since the beginning, AdvantaClean and its employees made it a practice to step up and help those who need of their services, regardless of financial status. 

In January of 2016, AdvantaClean signed a national strategic partnership with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in an effort support their cause, and expand our impact to more families in need, when they need it the most."