As Sport Clips Continues to Dominate the Industry, the Fast-Growing Brand is Targeting Michigan for its Next Move
As Sport Clips Continues to Dominate the Industry, the Fast-Growing Brand is Targeting Michigan for its Next Move

There are currently 17 Sport Clips locations throughout Michigan. But John Kohler, an area developer for the brand, believes the market could hold 65 more.

It’s a beautiful thing when you cross the border into Michigan—it’s a region unlike any other. At least, that’s what John Kohler says. Which is why, as an area developer for Sport Clips, he’s eager to expand the brand into this iconic Midwestern state.

Since joining Sport Clips in 2004, Kohler has helped to build out the entire Chicagoland area—a sweeping territory that was untapped when he first signed on. Development picked up quickly, and three years later, he acquired the rights to bring Sport Clips to Eastern Missouri. By 2011, he was expanding the brand’s footprint through Eastern Michigan. Today, he oversees more than 130 store throughout these three regions. And if his goal to conquer even more of Michigan is any indication, it’s clear that Kohler is just getting started.

To date, there are 17 Sport Clips locations throughout Michigan. But Kohler believes the market could easily support 65. The reason behind that is simple—Michigan currently stands out as one of the highest growth opportunities for Sport Clips, and that’s due, in large part, to its rebounding economy.

“Michigan was so hard hit during the recession. As a result, it developed a lot slower than the rest of the country’s economy. But over the years, we’ve watched as Detroit made its comeback. The city is on the path to recovery, and as a result, more and more opportunities are popping up for new business to help get Detroit and its surrounding suburbs back on track,” Kohler said. “The potential here is incredible.”

Kohler is aiming to grow in Michigan as fast as possible—and he’s confident that development will come easy. In particular, Kohler says that the demographics in Michigan mirror that of Chicagoland and Eastern Missouri—two areas he’s already seen great success in. Ultimately, Kohler believes that these hard working people—those who continue to embody traditional Midwestern values in everything they do—will not only yield qualified franchisees, but ensure that Sport Clips will prosper.

For entrepreneurs looking to run their own business, Sport Clips is a recession-resistant model. Start-up requirements are relatively low--$200,000 liquid with $400,000 in net worth and a commitment to expand to multiple units.

“Michigan in particular is built on a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Yes, it’s a city that’s gone through tough times, but they’ve come out of it a lot stronger. Today, these entrepreneurs continue to work hard to bring even more entrepreneurs into their city. And that’s because they have a genuine desire to see their town—and its people—thrive,” Kohler said. “We hope that by bringing Sport Clips to Michigan, we’ll be able to do just that. I’m personally incredibly excited to see how far Sport Clips can go in this state.”

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