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Sport Clips’ Innovative Training Program Helps Stylists Launch and Sustain Successful Careers

The brand’s comprehensive and ongoing training courses are designed to further the careers of its creative employees.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 8:08AM 01/16/17

It’s rare for hair stylists to find a work environment specifically designed to further their advancement. But at Sport Clips, the top franchise brand leading the way in the men’s grooming industry, a top-down organizational focus is helping to make that the norm. This focus is helping the brand to strengthen their recruitment and retention efforts and become the employer of choice in the competitive hair care segment.  

Sport Clips has an innovative training program in place that every one of its stylists goes through when they come on board. It’s completely unique in the industry because its sole purpose isn’t just to bring new hires up to speed with the latest trends and techniques in men’s haircuts. The brand’s training program is also designed to help stylists envision their futures with the Sport Clips brand.

“Our focus is on providing every client that walks through our doors with a true MVP experience. To do this, stylists need to know the ins and outs of men’s haircuts like scissor and clipper work Styles are also constantly changing, which means that our Team Members have to know how to cater to a variety of needs,” said Mary Carter, Sport Clips’ director of technical education. Sport Clips’ comprehensive training program tackles those challenges head on. “Our courses help ensure that stylists are confident every day when they go to work, and they understand we’re all invested in their future success.”

Sport Clips’ training program starts with an orientation that provides new hires with an overview of the brand, including its values, culture and safety procedures. Stylists then go through a Client Experience Standards course, which lays out Sport Clips’ Five Point Play. That consistent client experience makes the brand stand out as a leader in men’s haircutting.

 Sport Clips offers a variety of technical courses to help stylists be successful. While the core classes are usually completed within six months, the more advanced classes are open to the brand’s entire system of stylists. Expertly trained coaches (educators)offer these courses in many cities across the country year-round to help ensure that they’re convenient and easily accessible.

“We have our own system at Sport Clips that keeps our quality consistent across our entire franchise system.” said Sandy Craven, director of training for Sport Clips. “We want every one of our stylists to leave their training feeling connected to other Team Members and the Sport Clips culture. When they understand that we’re all working together on the same team, they’ll choose Sport Clips as the place to develop their professional careers.”

Sport Clips’ training team is constantly adding new courses to its line up to ensure that its stylists are receiving the best possible education. It’s clear that the system is working—with more than 1,600 stores across the U.S. and Canada, the brand is positioned to continue its rapid growth.

“We conduct our ‘Team Leader Training Camp’ to help our Team Leaders (franchisees) understand the important role stylists play and how to keep them happy” said Sport Clips’ vice president of franchising, Pete Lindsey. “We help our Team Leaders understand how to facilitate fun in our stores and, by doing so, our clients have a wonderful experience.”

“We’re tremendously excited about what the future has in store. Our system enables us to find bright and talented artists across the country, and we know that they’ll bring great things to the Sport Clips brand,” said Craven. “Our innovative training program is here for a reason. We want to set our stylists up for success from the start, and help them as they grow their careers with us. At Sport Clips, we strive to keep our Team Members as happy as our Clients.”

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