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Sport Clips Seeks Franchisees For The Opportunity to Develop and Own the Boston, Massachusetts Market

The brand is confident that the Boston market will easily support more than 60 Sport Clips locations.

By Sport Clips
SPONSORED 10:10AM 10/27/17

For the past 25 years, Sport Clips has been redefining what it means to offer customers a true, MVP haircut experience. The brand, which first started with one location in Austin, Texas, now boasts well over 1,700 stores worldwide. But that doesn’t mean it’s done growing—Sport Clips has its sights set on bringing its booming business to Boston, Massachusetts.

When Sport Clips first started expanding across the U.S., it grew strategically from its southern base. That means the brand, which CNBC recently recognized as employing one of America’s star franchisees, sold out territories close to home first. Dave Wells, director of franchising for Sport Clips, says the Northeast region, including Boston, is one of the last major markets in the U.S. where prospective franchisees can take advantage of a relatively untapped consumer market.

“Boston is an incredibly strong market for any business, but it’s an even better fit for us because it’s home to one of the best sports cultures in the country along with millions of potential customers. It makes sense for Sport Clips to focus its development efforts there,” said Wells. “Right now, we have a significant foothold in the Northeast region, but Boston isn’t as developed as it could be. That opens the door for franchisees to come in and really build out the market for themselves and own it.”

Right now, Sport Clips has 11 stores open in Boston and has plans to develop at least 50 more in the area. With a metro population of nearly five million and a median household income of $70,967, according to Forbes, Boston offers a promising business economy. The city also ranked 55th on the publication’s list of “Best Places for Businesses and Careers” last year.

Being a Sport Clips franchisee comes with perks that other companies can’t offer. The brand’s strong growth rate has been proven time and time again. Sport Clips enjoys a 99.7% franchise continuity rate, an honor based on five years of real data.  This rate is the result of our dedication to franchisee success. When our Team Leaders win, we win – it is that simple.  “We work hard to ensure we are providing team leaders all the resources, tools and training they need to set them up for success,” says Gordon Logan, Sport Clips Founder and CEO. Franchisees should expect their initial investment to be between $189,300 and $354,500, including the franchise fee.    

“Everything points to Sport Clips succeeding in Boston. We thoroughly check a city’s demographics and potential consumer psychographics before making the decision to expand our brand. That’s why we’re so successful,” said Wells. “We’re confident that franchisees who sign on to open units in Boston will be able to hit the ground running and turn a previously underserved market into one of Sport Clips’ biggest success stories.”

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