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Why These Franchisees Chose Squeeze Massage

Squeeze offered a harmonious blend of a proven business model, comprehensive support and a brand that's poised for growth in the thriving wellness industry.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 1:13PM 11/22/23

In a time when self-care and wellness are more important than ever, franchisees are looking for opportunities that not only align with market trends but also resonate with their personal values and aspirations. While there is no shortage of franchise options out there, Squeeze, the upscale massage franchise from the founders of Drybar, is quickly emerging as a popular choice. 1851 Franchise spoke with a few Squeeze franchise owners to find out why they fell in love with the brand. 

From Walmart to Squeeze Massage

Laura Ganann and Nathan Fridley are an Operating Partner duo with strong backgrounds in corporate America. Ganann started her career as a nurse before transitioning to work in various finance roles with Walmart 12 years ago. Fridley also held finance roles with Walmart and then transitioned to the Walmart vendor community in the last decade.

“We were ready to do something different to spend more time with our family,” said Ganann. “We live in an area that is really underserved with spa services, so starting our own business within the health and wellness sector felt like a great decision.”

But since neither Ganann nor Fridley had experience in business ownership, the idea of starting something from scratch felt a bit daunting. Franchising, on the other hand, felt like the perfect fit.

“We loved having someone with expertise in the industry helping us design the policies and procedures,” said Ganann. After extensive research, Squeeze stood out to the couple for that exact reason. 

“Squeeze had experience with franchises and had learned so much from Drybar,” said Ganann. “They had a great grasp on their business model and their future growth. It was the type of place I would go to as a consumer.”

Additionally, the duo knew they would never be alone as part of the Squeeze family. “We both have a decent amount of experience in finance, accounting and operations, but we admittedly have blind spots in marketing and real estate,” said Ganann. “Squeeze comes in very strongly from a support perspective, making sure you can design the space, connect with third-parties to help run construction and tap into a marketing playbook. For such a young company, they have a great blueprint for Operating Partners.”

The couple officially opened their Squeeze location in Rogers, Arkansas earlier this year. Their dedication to creating a positive workplace culture and becoming an integral part of the community has already garnered an overwhelmingly positive response. 

“We have an excellent team because Squeeze offers a better employment option for massage therapists,” said Ganann. “The values that Squeeze promotes and insists upon within the company ensure that you are going to treat people well, whether that is an employee or a guest. You aren’t just running a business — you are becoming an embedded part of the community.”

Lights, Camera, Squeeze

Although she comes from a background in reality television and entertainment, Squeeze Operating Partner, Jenny Weinman says she’s always been an entrepreneur at heart. 

“Both of my parents immigrated to the U.S. from India in the ‘70s,” said Weinman. “My dad is an engineer and my mom is a doctor by trade, but they both ended up becoming business owners here. I was lucky to witness the direct impact being a small business owner had on your community and the lives of others. After college, I decided to move to Los Angeles for my legal degree and got into the entertainment industry. Really early in my career, I landed a dream job at NBCUniversal working on reality TV shows, but after a few years I was bored and wondering what’s next. I also found the bureaucracy of working for a big organization limiting.”

Ready for a new challenge, Weinman went on to earn her MBA from UCLA and eventually took over a background check company, Checkers International, which she still runs today. She grew that for a number of years before turning her attention to growing her own family. When she went on maternity leave a few years ago, she realized she had built a strong team to manage the company without her daily presence. This opened up the doors to finding a new venture to pursue while maintaining Checkers. 

“I’ve always loved growing and operating businesses, but not necessarily starting something brand new,” said Weinman. “My skill set is building upon an existing foundation, which is why franchising felt like a great choice.”

Squeeze eventually came onto Weinman’s radar through a personal experience as a customer. “I lived in the Studio City area and there was buzz around this new place that was opening up called Squeeze Massage,” she said. “I was in desperate need of a postpartum massage, so I tried it for myself and was instantly hooked! There were so many thoughtful touchpoints that made me believe it was a way better massage experience, from the ability to book an appointment easily on an app to the simple and calm environment. I knew this concept would be huge and I wanted to get in on the ground floor.”

Coincidentally, Weinman learned from a friend that Squeeze’s founder Brittany Driscoll lived just a few blocks down from her. 

“I contacted her — I didn’t even know they intended on franchising at the time,” Weinman said. “I went over to her house one day and left her with my resume. She and I spent a lot of time talking about her experience at Drybar, and why she believed that franchising was the right way to grow the Squeeze brand. I never considered franchising as an avenue for me, but if this is the way to get in on this exciting brand, I’ll do it.”

Still, Weinman made sure to do her due diligence and look into other franchise concepts, but quickly realized that Squeeze wasn’t like all the rest. “The Squeeze team stood out from all the others I investigated. I loved that Squeeze will always require human interaction” she said. “It is a way to impact your local community and make a difference daily.”

This year, Weinman officially signed on to open six locations in the LA area, from Santa Monica to Silverlake. Now, she says she is most excited to join the Squeeze family and work alongside a growing network of Operating Partners to expand the brand. 

“It has been so great to connect with other local owners all over the country,” said Weinman. “As a solo business owner, you don’t usually have that support. I’ve personally felt the isolation of being at the top of an organization and not having any peers to relate to my business. But this community of Operating Partners has been so wonderful. We are always cheering each other on, knowing that we are all building something pretty special together.”

Why Now Is the Time to Join Squeeze Massage

For both sets of Operating Partners, Squeeze offered a harmonious blend of a proven business model, comprehensive support and a brand that's poised for growth in the thriving wellness industry. It's no wonder so many savvy entrepreneurs are choosing Squeeze over the competition. 

"We are experts in the wellness industry, and we know that Squeeze has a magnetic appeal and tremendous potential,” said Brittany Driscoll, Squeeze co-founder and CEO. “We're actively looking to expand our franchise network across the country, and we're keen on finding partners who not only have strong business acumen but also a genuine passion for positively impacting their communities.”

As Squeeze continues to expand, with over 85 locations in development and plans to sign over 100 units by the end of 2024, the brand represents an attractive opportunity for potential franchisees who share the same vision for health, wellness and community. 

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