Starbucks Launches Backup Child Care Benefit for Employees
Starbucks Launches Backup Child Care Benefit for Employees

This new benefit is designed to help retain working parents as employees.

Starbucks has announced that it is adding a new employee benefit: backup care. According to a recent article on CNN, the brand will be allowing 10 subsidized backup care days as part of a new employee benefits package. These benefits also include higher pay, paid parental leave and sick leave.

In order to provide this backup care option, Starbucks will partner with Employees will have a choice of paying $1 per day for in-home care or $5 per day for care in a center. This discount will be eligible for the 10 days allotted in the benefit. Additional days will require employees to pay the full cost of service.  

The brand explained that this benefit is being implemented to prevent the loss of working parents as employees. It explained that child care caused millions of parents to quit their jobs in 2016.

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