Subway Reduces Cost of ‘Fresh Forward’ Remodel
Subway Reduces Cost of ‘Fresh Forward’ Remodel

The sandwich franchise is aiming to significantly boost franchisee adoption.

Last year, Subway introduced a new restaurant design called Fresh Forward, but franchisee adoption of the redesign has been more than a little disappointing for the chain. According to an article in Nation’s Restaurant News, only 454 of Subway’s 44,000 stores have invested in the remodel, falling far short of the franchise’s goal of 3,000–5,000 for the year.

Now, in order to boost adoption, Subway is dramatically reducing the cost of the remodel. This year, the Fresh Forward remodel will cost franchises $90,000–$100,000 per store, which is about half of what the same remodel cost last year.

Subway is counting on the price reduction to help introduce Fresh Forward to all of the chain’s stores within the next five years, which would be nearly 9,000 remodels per year.

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