Taco Bell Reveals Cause of the Great Tortilla Shortage
Taco Bell Reveals Cause of the Great Tortilla Shortage

The fast-food chain has officially blamed the situation on supplier shortages.

Although Taco Bells' "Tortillapocalypse" has been over for a few weeks, the fast-food chain has kept relatively silent about the cause of the shortage. According to an article on RestaurantDive, the tortilla drought has officially been blamed on Taco Bell's supplier as opposed to an internal issue. 

On a recent earnings call, Yum Brand's CEO Greg Creed acknowledged last month's viral event, claiming that the shortage affected sales in select locations. Still, Taco Bell saw an overall sales growth of 10% and same-store sales growth of 7% in Q2. 

As the article points out, "this shortage highlights how important suppliers are to companies' operations...supplier's risk factors are important metrics for companies to follow."

While the "Tortillapocalypse" did result in one passionate 911 call, it appears that Taco Bell made it through unscathed.

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