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The Advantages that Come with a Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa Franchise Investment

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa franchisees benefit from a proven business model, top-notch training and significant marketing support.

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa has distinguished itself in a competitive market as a brand that promotes massage as a wellness necessity. This focus on health and wellness helps the brand’s franchisees stand out in a competitive space and optimizes their return on investment.

When a franchisee chooses to join Hand & Stone, the investment costs cover many resources, such as training and marketing, that will help them run the business as smoothly as possible. The startup costs for a Hand & Stone franchise range from $567,626 to $674,476. 

“We prepare the franchisees to own and operate the business, and that education is ongoing,” Hand & Stone Director of Franchise Development Nicole Alburger said. 

Hand & Stone franchisees also benefit from lucrative vendor relationships that provide major discounts. 

“Our franchisees get nationally discounted rates with vendors with whom we’ve done business,” Alburger said. “You can’t get these kinds of discounts if you open a business on your own. When you’re part of a nationwide brand with almost 500 locations, though, you get a steep discount.” 

Hand & Stone franchisees also benefit from marketing best practices when they invest in the brand. 
“We have a marketing agency in-house and do all of the legwork for the franchisees, including graphic design, social media and so forth,” Alburger said. “When you invest in Hand & Stone, you have an agency at your beck and call that can create assets and drive traffic to your business.” 

When it comes to financing, prospective Hand & Stone franchisees have plenty of options. Hand & Stone is very highly rated on the Small Business Administration (SBA) registry and has a great reputation with finance companies, Alburger said. The brand does not lend directly, but it does have great third-party relationships, Alburger said. 

“So many of our franchisees have gone through various franchise finance institutions that we’ve developed close relationships with the professionals in these financial institutions and could get on the phone and connect with them right away,” Alburger said. “Hand & Stone also partners with a company called Master Plan that helps our franchisees create a business plan, and they are absolutely fantastic. They’ve worked with us to gain all the demographic and market information for the business plan and work with our franchisees to make sure their business plan is tight and buttoned up before they present it to the bank.” 

Of course, Hand & Stone franchisees benefit from name recognition when they invest with the brand. 

“When people invest in Hand & Stone, they’re investing in a brand name with an existing branding proposition in most major markets in the country,” Alburger said. “We’re approaching 500 units now in North America, so there’s a good chance people know about our brand.” 

When Alburger first joined the brand, there were only 28 locations. He remembers a time when landlords thought the brand was a granite company. Hand & Stone has come a long way since then and has grown to more than 450 locations throughout North America. 

“Now we’ve got this brand awareness,” he said. “Even if people have never been inside of a Hand & Stone location have probably heard of it.” 

Hand & Stone has certainly benefited from major industry recognition in 2019. The brand was featured in Franchise Times’ annual Top 200+ list and also nabbed a spot on Forbes’ 2019 “Best Franchises To Buy.” These rankings are fortuitous. The brand has serious growth plans for 2020, with plans to expand its footprint all around the country. 

“New Hand & Stone franchisees benefit from instant credibility,” Alburger said. “We also have a large network of franchise owners. You’ll go into a system with a complete network of people who are willing to help. That’s just the culture we built.” 

With more than 100 locations in the pipeline, Hand & Stone is well-positioned to continue dominating the health and wellness space in 2020. 

“We plan to have over 500 locations in 2020,” Alburger said. “The time is now.” 


Hand & Stone is a 475-plus unit massage and facial spa franchise with a mission to bring massage and facial services to the masses. Launched in 2004, Hand & Stone now has locations in 31 states and Canada. The brand has been named number #1 in the spa category by Entrepreneur Magazine for 2020, ranked number #8 on Forbes' Best Franchises to Buy list for 2019 in the high investment category and is the fastest growing spa concept in the country. For more information on Hand & Stone, visit