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The Amazing Lash Studio Brand Shares the Benefits of Being Backed By a Multi-Brand Franchisor

WellBiz Brands. Inc. provides superior resources and a strong competitive advantage to owners of the leading lash franchise.

When WellBiz Brands Inc. acquired the Amazing Lash Studio®brand in 2018, it seemed like a natural fit for the health and wellness-focused multi-brand franchisor. With the Elements Massage® and Fitness Together® brands already in its portfolio, the addition of the Amazing Lash Studio brand was a welcome complement in their mission for holistic wellness. Similarly, the Amazing Lash Studio corporate team also saw endless benefits to having the backing of a multi-brand franchise portfolio company.

The value that WellBiz Brands brings has certainly spoken for itself — since the Amazing Lash Studio brand was acquired, it has grown to over 250 open locations. The brand is also taking steps to shift the focus to openings over signings to help ensure that all who do sign can thrive. A fresh leadership team along with a simplistic business model, luxury service offerings, membership packages and retail products, help the brand make a strong argument for franchisee candidates to invest —not to mention the extensive resources that are available through WellBiz Brands.

“The value-add WellBiz Brands has brought to the Amazing Lash Studio brand  is indescribable,” said Stephanie Hu, CEO of Amazing Lash Franchise, LLC. “New franchisees feel confident investing in the brand and its services — in the COVID-19 era, the resources we can provide have allowed franchisees the confidence that they made the right decision to go into business for themselves. It’s been a game changer having WellBiz Brands in our corner.”

In the current COVID-19 economy, assurance on investment is something several franchises are dealing with. The WellBiz Brands’ Support Team collaborated to focus on bringing in the right franchisees to help  expand the franchise system, which has already made a difference during the pandemic. Current development positioning will own some of the obstacles in attracting new franchisees in a difficult market and help  promote the benefits of the flexible business model. In highlighting the brand’s attributes, chief development officer for WellBiz Brands, Matt Stanton believes the  Amazing Lash Studio franchise system will naturally attract the right franchisees.

“It’s important we find the right people to engage with Amazing Lash Studio’s mission,  and we’ve been focused on that process first and foremost since the acquisition,” said Stanton. “For so many of the brand’s new franchisees, this is their opportunity to take possession of their livelihoods and work in a field that they are truly passionate about. It's important to us that franchisees feel confident in their investment — their assurance is what keeps us growing.”

Stanton said their strategy to grow the brand starts by captivating franchisees with the history and message of the brand. By introducing franchisees early to how the brand was founded is an excellent way to acquaint them with the brand’s mission. “Prospects can see and understand the changes made to the model and how the membership aspect has improved the brand’s following,” said Stanton. “It’s important for them to see how the retail revenue stream is primed for success, this, paired with sharing success stories of multi-unit franchisees is what brings them into our story. They already know and feel they are a part of something.”

The Amazing Lash Studio brand has plenty of stories of successful franchisees. The evidence for a strong path to success is prominent, and there is a strong leadership team that has followed this path to see success across multiple brands through the support offered by WellBiz Brands. Further, the franchise development messaging is designed to align with consumer messaging, honing the focus of their marketing onto the three main benefits the brand has to offer: the quality and privacy of the lash extension service, the opportunity to help guests be happy and feel better about themselves and the multiple revenue streams that come with the brand’s simple to operate business model.

The support  of WellBiz Brands provides franchisees with the resources they need to be successful. WellBiz Brands has decades of combined experience in the membership-based business models in the health and wellness segment of the franchising industry. As a result, Amazing Lash Studio franchisees can tap into the assets of a company that’s three-times larger than any lash competitors. 

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of WellBiz Brands,” said Hu. “Our service was already strong and something that both franchisee candidates and guests could get behind, but the immense support we’ve received during the COVID-19 pandemic has set us apart from the competitors. We are incredibly excited about the new franchisees we’re recruiting to represent the brand and their confidence in us as an entity means the world to us.”

The investment range for an Amazing Lash Studio® franchise is $239,210 to $508,510.* To learn more about franchising with Amazing Lash Franchise, LLC, visit

*As per the March 30, 2020  Franchise Disclosure Document, as amended September 9, 2020 and October 20, 2020.

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