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The Experts Behind the Brand: Tree Care Supervisor Brings Rooted Knowledge to this Emerging Franchisor

Joshua Tree Experts’ Tree Care Supervisor, Joe Fretz, has leveraged his expertise to support the growth of the business.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 3:15PM 11/09/22

Joshua Tree Experts, the Pennsylvania-based service brand known for its reliable plant health care, lawn service and pest control, has experienced a steady growth since 2005. Much of this success can be attributed to the team of, well, experts at Joshua Tree Experts, who provide the support, subject matter expertise, and guidance necessary for each employee to succeed in providing quality services to both home and commercial clients.

The brand has a team full of subject matter experts to provide guidance and a skillset to the company and franchisees when it comes to the multiple revenue streams in the business model. Joe Fretz, Tree Care Supervisor, is one of the many specialized experts on the Joshua Tree Experts team whose depth of knowledge for the services they provide has helped steer the brand as it continues to grow.

“When you know what you’re doing, the job can be fairly simple,” explained Fretz. “If you don’t, it can be not only much harder to do, but it can be downright dangerous to the people and property in the area.”

He originally joined the company as a stump grinder after a period of time as a general landscaper. As the concept grew, Fretz slowly worked his way to Tree Care Supervisor. Now, he looks over all 12 of the brand’s tree care employees, ensures equipment is in working condition and makes any necessary adjustments to allow each day’s work to get completed safely, to standard and on time.

“I do a lot of the stuff that we can’t have technicians worry about,” he said. “Their job is to complete the services we have for them for the day. If there’s an equipment failure, I can’t have technicians spending half of their day on a repair — that’s my responsibility.”

Many of the jobs that Joshua Tree Experts take on can quickly become intersectional, involving overlapping areas of expertise within the company’s offered services. Completing tree care in the presence of a hornet’s nest, for example, or assessing and treating a plant health issue while practicing yard, pet and family safety requires careful teamwork and extensive knowledge of industry best practices.

“I deal with almost all of the departments within Joshua Tree Experts,” Fretz added. “We’re all on the same team here, and sometimes a general tree care project can become a plant health care issue. We do everything from spraying the trees to doing an injection to the tree trunk, and we have to know when and why each step is the right one.”

Looking forward, Fretz says he’s excited to continue his time with the Joshua Tree Experts company.

“Many general landscaping companies aren’t very successful. Our expertise, and the subject matter knowledge within the company, is what sets us apart,” said CEO Joshua Malik. “This business model was crafted with the expectation that not every franchisee will have experience in all different facets of the business. That’s what our team offers, a wealth of knowledge to get business owners trained and experts in their own right.” 

“We’ve done nothing but grow, and I’m excited to be a part of a company that isn’t going anywhere,” Fretz stated. “Malik has led us down the right path for the last seven years, and I’m sure he will continue to do so as Joshua Tree Experts expands its footprint across the country.”

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