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The Top 10 Franchise Marketing Suppliers

With a range of solutions, from branding and creative to digital marketing and reputation management, these 10 marketing agencies can support your franchise growth and success.

Getting the word out about your franchise is half the battle for success. Effective marketing strategies can make the difference between a thriving brand and one that struggles to gain traction. 

That's where franchise marketing agencies come into play. These agencies specialize in creating tailored marketing solutions that drive brand awareness, attract potential franchisees, and boost sales. 

To get you started in your search, here are 10 franchise marketing agencies that can help elevate your franchise to new heights.


Mainland, the agency behind 1851 Franchise, has established itself as a trailblazer in the franchise world through its innovative storytelling approach to public relations (PR) and content marketing. In addition to 1851 Franchise, Mainland produces three other online publications: Estatenvy (real estate), Room 1903 (travel and hospitality) and StacheCow (personal wealth and finance). Mainland offers full-service and customizable marketing solutions designed to establish long-term relationships with clients. Services are scalable and cover a wide range, aiming to optimize communication efforts and maximize budgets.

Clayton Kendall

Clayton Kendall centralizes marketing supply chains through comprehensive branded merchandise programs. Franchise communities and multi-location businesses can rapidly scale, save money and manage promotional items effectively using this service. It allows for economies of scale, time-saving and brand consistency. The company provides promotional merchandise and company-branded products across various sectors.


ChoiceLocal, a Cleveland-based digital marketing agency, caters exclusively to franchise systems. On average, its clients generate $15.51 in new customer revenue for every dollar they invest in marketing with the agency. From its humble beginnings as a one-person operation, ChoiceLocal has grown into a team of 70 professionals, adding two to three new members each month. The agency has received NorthCoast99's Best Place to Work award twice and maintains an impressive annualized client retention rate of 96%. 

Consumer Fusion

Consumer Fusion stands out as the only AI-driven reputation management solution that focuses on eliminating illegitimate negative reviews from over 60 online review platforms. Having successfully removed more than 70,000 negative reviews, Consumer Fusion empowers businesses to optimize their digital presence through a combination of reputation management, local SEO and social media tools. These tools include automated responses from business owners and integrated review generation. 

C Squared Social

C Squared Social is a digital marketing agency that provides full-service solutions for businesses of all sizes; the services offered include paid advertising, content marketing, website development and graphic design. C Squared Social’s 4-Point Targeting Method, eye-catching graphics and customized campaigns deliver quality leads, sales and brand exposure for clients. The team of marketing professionals navigates the complex world of digital platforms to help businesses achieve their goals. 

Curious Jane

Curious Jane is a full-service advertising agency specializing in franchise brands and it prides itself on its thorough understanding of its clients: “We know how they operate, how they succeed and how they become iconic.” Curious Jane counts several renowned franchise brands among its clients and offers services that include branding, creativity, content creation, video production, media planning and purchasing, PR, SEO, web design and development, lead nurturing, and CRM automation and segmentation. Curious Jane helps clients achieve breakthroughs in consumer marketing and franchise development.


Eulerity calls itself the “world's most efficient local marketing platform.” The agency simplifies the complex world of developing and executing digital marketing programs by using machine learning and automation to provide optimal results for its clients. The technology-based SaaS model is a fraction of the cost of traditional vendors and has a flat and transparent fee.

Hot Dish Advertising

Hot Dish Advertising is an advertising agency with over two decades of expertise in franchising, guiding more than 400 franchise brands towards their growth goals. The agency's services include strategic planning, digital marketing and creative solutions to help businesses connect with potential customers and cultivate brand loyalty. Hot Dish Advertising serves as both an advertising agency and a consultant, providing clients with a comprehensive approach to marketing and branding.

Integrated Digital Strategies

Integrated Digital Strategies (IDS) offers comprehensive digital marketing strategies for franchise brands. Its services include design, implementation and maximization of digital marketing efforts. A dedicated team of in-house experts works closely with clients to attract and retain customers, allowing businesses to focus solely on their operations.

Lead Navigators

Lead Navigators is a full-service digital marketing agency that assists franchisors in generating qualified leads and converting them into successful franchisees. Utilizing a multi-channel approach encompassing SEO, sponsored advertisements, content marketing and web development, the agency aids brands in achieving their franchise growth goals. With over three decades of franchise marketing experience, the agency provides guidance through proven franchisee recruitment and local franchisee marketing endeavors.

Choosing the right marketing agency can be a game changer for your franchise. The 10 franchise marketing agencies listed here are renowned for their expertise and proven track records in driving franchise growth. By partnering with one of these agencies, you can ensure that your franchise not only stands out in a crowded market but also achieves sustained success. 

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