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5 Reasons Now Is the Time to Buy a Carpet Chemist Franchise

There’s never been a better time for those with residential and commercial cleaning experience to join The Carpet Chemist family.

By Paul Mueller1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 10:10AM 03/08/22

The Carpet Chemist, with its range of in-demand niche services including carpet stretching and carpet dyeing, is one of the most intriguing emerging franchises in the $5 billion carpet cleaning industry. Born in Louisville, Kentucky to fill a void in a high-demand marketplace, The Carpet Chemist began franchising in 2021 and is already building momentum as it continues its national expansion in 2022.

“When I started over 10 years ago, I had no idea of the opportunity I was stumbling upon,” said Brandon Cerrito, CEO of The Carpet Chemist. “We identified a crucial gap in the marketplace, and the opportunity to offer services that most carpet-cleaning brands don’t offer in order to fill a need in different markets across the country is really exciting.”

The home services industry is booming right now, and for those with residential or commercial cleaning experience who are looking to break free from their current companies, go into business for themselves and finally be their own boss, The Carpet Chemist presents a unique low-cost opportunity to capitalize on a hot market.

Here are four reasons why now is the time to buy a Carpet Chemist franchise. 

1. A Proven Concept and Business Model

The Carpet Chemist started franchising in 2021. But that doesn't mean it’s new to the carpet-cleaning scene. For more than 10 years, Cerrito has worked to perfect not only the services but also the business model. From being a Stanley Steemer employee to working hard in the field to starting The Carpet Chemist, he’s seen it all in the carpet-cleaning game.

That’s why The Carpet Chemist is more than just a carpet cleaner — it’s a carpet, upholstery, furniture and floor cleaning brand that has worked diligently to identify gaps in the marketplace and design solutions to fill them, creating opportunity for the brand to grow. 

For franchisees, this presents an opportunity to take advantage of new markets in a way competitors cannot.

“Every now and then, regardless of what industry you’re in, something new comes along,” said Jason Markowicz, chief development officer at The Carpet Chemist. “Something that disrupts the status quo and changes the way things have always been done, or what’s always been offered. The Carpet Chemist is one of those things. Carpet stretching, carpet dyeing — these things weren’t traditionally done by cleaning companies. Our ability to handle whatever problem a customer throws at us is what makes us stand out in a crowded space.”

Now, the brand is passing its playbook on to franchisees.

2. Unparalleled Training and Support

The Carpet Chemist provides all new franchise owners with a comprehensive 10-day training program, where they will learn everything they need to know to start servicing clients. 

But unlike with other brands, the training doesn’t end at the grand opening. The Carpet Chemist regularly adds new training videos and educational resources so franchisees can continue to stay on the cutting edge. The franchise also leverages its network of talented franchise owners to share ideas, support and best practices, so no franchise owner is left to run their business alone.

"Even if a person has no experience working with a brand or franchise, that's OK,” said Markowicz. “If they do have experience with other cleaning or service brands, that’s great. They can help us grow. But if they lack knowledge or experience, we’ve built a team that will guide them through the training process, marketing, sales — everything they’ll need to build a successful business.”

3. Battle-Tested Marketing and Sales Support

The Carpet Chemist mastered its blend of digital and traditional marketing in its home base of Louisville, Kentucky. As the brand expanded to different, more diverse markets, it continued to evolve its marketing practices, refining its approach and developing its tools into a strategy that can work in any market. 

But marketing and sales experience is not a prerequisite to joining The Carpet Chemist family.

“I've said before that to be a successful Carpet Chemist operator, it doesn’t hurt if you have the personality of a natural salesman who is excellent with customer service,” said Cerrito. “But it’s not imperative. More than anything, I want to find operators who love this industry and are genuinely curious about cleaning."

With Cerrito and his team having done the legwork on the frontend, franchisees can operate with confidence, knowing that the marketing strategies provided are not only market-tested but also that the tools provided — combined with the cutting-edge sales technology and hands-on training they receive to become elite carpet-solutions salespeople — will empower them to make the most of whatever market they’re in.

4. Low Entry Costs

Some franchises in the industry require hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront to get started. Real estate, materials, utilities and staff can raise the overhead substantially. 

The Carpet Chemist is a unique low-cost alternative, with startup costs ranging from just $79,000 to $109,000, which includes everything the franchise owner needs to successfully run and scale their business. 

“We took a killer consumer offering and built a simple, low-cost operational model around it that can be run by just about anyone with the right passion and attitude,” said Cerrito. “That’s an unbeatable combination in any industry.”

The Carpet Chemist’s low startup costs and overhead allow franchise owners to quickly turn a profit and expand their business, making it an easily accessible franchise option for those with or without cleaning industry experience.

5. Unparalleled Growth Opportunity

Because the brand is new to franchising and it has proprietary services that are lacking in the industry, the potential for expansion is vast. The brand has refined its operational model to get new owners up and running quickly, and the range of consumer services it offers makes the business viable in virtually any market. 

The Carpet Chemist is currently seeking qualified franchisees to open new territories in multiple markets across the U.S. With so much room for growth, the brand is excited about the potential and is eager to bring on new franchisees to help turn The Carpet Chemist into the national powerhouse it knows it can be.

“We want franchisees who are passionate and determined about life in general,” said Cerrito. “They want to create something for themselves, have the determination to make it happen and want to build a lasting business with us. The opportunity is there, and we’re thrilled to have so much white space to work with. But we don’t expect that to last forever. So the time to strike really is now.”

The total investment to franchise with The Carpet Chemist ranges from $77,000 to $109,000, including a $25,000 franchise fee. For more information on franchising with The Carpet Chemist, please visit