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How Is The Carpet Chemist Different From Competing Franchises in the Category?

An elevated consumer offering, low overhead, and ongoing training are just a few of the ways The Carpet Chemist stands out from competitors.

An emerging franchise, The Carpet Chemist was designed to offer one of the most lucrative opportunities in the industry. The brand has combined an unmatched consumer offering with a streamlined and low-cost operational model to facilitate rapid ROI and expansive growth opportunities.

Here are six of the most important ways The Carpet Chemist is edging out the competition.

Unmatched Consumer Offering

Most carpet cleaning franchises focus exclusively on carpet cleaning, but The Carpet Chemist offers a comprehensive range of services, including cleaning, stretching, dyeing and repair for both commercial and residential carpets, rugs and upholstery, making it the go-to, top-of-mind flooring resource for consumers.

Low Costs

Many franchises in the category cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy into, and that’s just the startup costs. Real estate, materials, utilities and staff can raise the overhead substantially. The Carpet Chemist is a uniquely low-cost alternative, with startup costs ranging from just $79,000 to $109,000, which includes everything the franchise owner needs to successfully run and scale their business. 

The Carpet Chemist’s low startup costs and overhead allow franchise owners to quickly turn a profit and expand their business.

Ongoing Training and Support

The Carpet Chemist provides all new franchise owners with a comprehensive 10-day training program, where they will learn everything they need to know to start servicing clients. But unlike with other brands, the training doesn’t end at the grand opening. The Carpet Chemist regularly adds new training videos and educational resources so franchisees can continue to stay on the cutting edge. Plus, the franchise leverages its network of talented franchise owners to share ideas, support and best practices, so no franchise owner is left to run their business alone.

Unparalleled Corporate Experience

For more than 10 years, The Carpet Chemist has seen and fixed every imaginable problem. Franchise owners are given the playbook.

Sales and Marketing Support

The Carpet Chemist mastered a blend of digital and traditional marketing in its home market and has refined that method to work for franchise owners in every market. The brand also provides cutting-edge sales technology and hands-on training to help franchise owners become elite carpet-solutions salespeople.

Favorable Franchise Terms

The Carpet Chemist’s franchise agreement includes an initial 10-year term plus up to two additional 10-year terms for 30 years in total, a best-in-class term offering within the franchise industry.

The total investment to franchise with The Carpet Chemist ranges from $77,000 to $109,000, including a $25,000 franchise fee. For more information on franchising with The Carpet Chemist, please visit