These Chains Have The Most (and Least) Accurate To-Go Orders
These Chains Have The Most (and Least) Accurate To-Go Orders

Consumer data from 2018 analyzed by Technomic ranks the best and worst chains for off-premise order accuracy.

According to Technomic’s Takeout and Off-Premise Consumer Trend Report, carryout and delivery orders make up 58 percent of foodservice purchases among consumers who use takeout at least once a month. In a recent article, Restaurant Business analyzed the results of the Technomic report to determine which QSR chains excel in order accuracy as it relates to carryout and delivery orders… and which do not.

The chains that consumers say top the list when it comes to off-premise order accuracy are Raising Cane’s and Chick-fil-A, both receiving high rankings from north of 75 percent of customers. Bringing up the rear, on the other hand, are Burger King and McDonald’s. Both received high satisfaction scores from 50 percent of consumers as far as off-premise accuracy is concerned.

With off-premise ordering becoming increasingly more important in the restaurant industry, it behooves operators to invest in improving consumer experience at the unit level in order to maintain and grow their customer base amid changing preferences.

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