How Catering Creates an Additional Revenue Stream for Togo’s Franchisees
How Catering Creates an Additional Revenue Stream for Togo’s Franchisees

By tapping into a new group of consumers through the brand’s catering program, Togo’s franchisees are able to broaden their reach as business owners

The sandwich segment of the restaurant franchising industry is more crowded than it has ever been before. And as demand for top quality meals on the go continues to climb among consumers, that trend is expected to become more popular. That’s why Togo’s, the West Coast original sandwich concept, is constantly setting a new standard for excellence through innovation.

Since first opening up its doors for business four decades ago, Togo’s has solidified its position as the sandwich brand to beat. From its signature sandwiches that are piled high with freshly sliced meats, toppings and its family friendly environment, the brand is known among consumers and business owners alike for separating itself from the competition. But Togo’s simple and proven business model isn’t the only thing that makes its business ownership opportunity stand out. The brand also provides its franchisees with the tools and resources that they need to add another revenue stream to their bottom lines.

The way that Togo’s does this is through catering. By encouraging its franchisees to establish partnerships with businesses and other concepts in their local communities, the brand is setting its owners up for long-term success.

“Catering is something that we highly encourage across our entire franchise system. It gives them the opportunity to tap into an entirely different group of customers, which ultimately creates an additional revenue stream,” said Sarah Dirks, off-site sales brand manager for Togo’s. “From businesses and hospitals to schools and other community centers, there’s no shortage of potential catering partnerships out there. And by taking full advantage of the chance to expand their business, our franchisees are able to create an even stronger relationship with members of their local communities.”

Togo’s doesn’t just bring one style of catering to the table—the brand offers its franchisees a wide variety of services. In addition to catering meals for traditional companies and schools, Togo’s also has a boxed lunch program, and will create special catering packages for sporting events, birthday parties and even showers.

“Togo’s brings a level of quality to the sandwich segment that’s otherwise missing. That’s why it’s so popular among consumers—especially young professionals. And as a franchisee, it’s easy to build off of that momentum to grow through catering,” said Ali Navabpour, a Togo’s franchisee in Fremont, California. “If you run your catering business properly, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to bring in sizable payments. Togo’s really gives you the chance to make it your own—catering is very much a locally driven business. As long as you’re making the effort to go into the community, market your catering business and establish strong relationships with people in your area, you’re going to be successful.”

In order to ensure that its franchisees are prepared to take on catering, Togo’s offers training for every new franchisee that signs on board. With nearly 300 restaurants currently open or in development across the West Coast, it’s clear that the brand’s approach to welcoming new franchisees into its system is working.

“As a corporate team, our number one priority is ensuring that our franchisees are set up for success. That means being a strong support system and providing ongoing training, and catering is no exception,” said Dirks. “We walk every one of our owners through our catering program, and educate them on how they can leverage it to boost their bottom lines. At the end of the day, we’re only as strong as the people behind our brand. And we’re proud to say that our network of franchisees is second to none.”