Togo’s Builds Momentum in Home State with Central Coast Expansion
Togo’s Builds Momentum in Home State with Central Coast Expansion

Brand to focus on home state development in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Atascadero and Santa Maria

California’s Central Coast is about to get a taste of Togo’s.

The Golden State-founded fresh sandwich brand has already made a name for itself statewide but is looking forward to focus in on Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Atascadero and Santa Maria.

With room for multiple locations in the market, Togo’s VP of Franchise Sales Mike Norcup initially saw the area as a strong development opportunity due to the success the brand has seen in some of the larger cities nearby.

“Part of the reason we started looking at the area is we already have successful stores in places like Greater San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles,” Norcup said. “We are looking forward to now zeroing in on the Central Coast.”

Togo’s is likely a familiar experience to Central Coast locals, as the region tends to be a transplant market for many natives of Northern California. The area has observed large population growth as of late, and its smaller town feel is ideal for those looking for a change of scenery that is not too far from larger markets.

“The area also has several major universities and junior colleges, bringing many students from out of state who then make this their permanent home,” Norcup said. “This creates an outstanding local demographic that varies in age but brings many locals with brand familiarity.”

University students often move to the Central Coast area from cities such as Washington, Colorado, Arizona and Oregon - all places where Togo’s has seen success as well.  

With so many transplants turning the Central Coast into their homes, Norcup sees a wide-open opportunity to become the local, go-to sandwich joint for Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Atascadero and Santa Maria. Togo’s is on the lookout for a potential franchisees who will fit this role.

“A franchisee in this area would have a chance to really become a part of the local community,” Norcup said. “Unlike alternative, larger markets, they could own the one Togo’s location in town. Someone who is a face of the local community and wants to continue to stay involved with new business opportunities would be the perfect fit.”

Norcup also added that, with the smaller demographic and close proximity of these markets, a franchisee could also be presented with the unique opportunity to take control of the area and become a multi-unit franchisee for the Central Coast.

“The market is really wide open and we would love to work with someone who really wants to own the area,” Norcup said. “There is the chance here to work with Togo’s and make the market theirs. The opportunities are truly endless for Togo’s in the Central Coast.”