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TruBlue Franchisee Makes History as First Member of Million Dollar Club

With the backing of a winning business model and robust support, Dan McMurtry saw his franchise’s annual revenue exceed one million dollars in 2023.

Dan McMurtry, the franchisee behind TruBlue Home Service Ally of Roanoke, Virginia, has secured his place in the company's history books as the first franchisee to surpass the million-dollar revenue mark at $1,081,967* in 2023. As the pioneering member of the brand's Million Dollar Club, his achievement is etched prominently in the annals of the company's success.

“This is the culmination of a lot of hard work, so it feels great,” McMurtry said. “But really, it's all about my team. I couldn’t have done it without them.” 

Before TruBlue, McMurtry's professional journey touched various fields, including operations and food service, until he found his passion in remodeling and contracting. Following the purchase and extensive renovation of his own residence, he ran a small contracting firm for almost 10 years. As he got older, he realized he couldn't keep up with the physical labor. It was then that he stumbled upon TruBlue, a franchise specializing in handyman and home maintenance services designed to assist busy families and offer aging-in-place solutions for seniors. McMurtry, with his vast entrepreneurial experience, was quickly drawn to the franchise's strong support system and business structure.

In spring of 2016, McMurtry officially signed on with TruBlue, embarking on a journey that has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. 

"Over the past three to four years, we've seen an incredible growth curve year over year," McMurtry shared. "The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a boon for us as people spent more time at home and considered taking up various projects. The demand hasn't slowed down since."

Last year, McMurtry's outstanding performance led him to win the TruBlue Franchisee of the Year Award. This year, he’s setting the stage for others to join him as the first member of the Million Dollar Club.

A pivotal aspect of McMurtry's strategy hinges on the implementation of a subscription-based model. It’s designed to maintain ongoing home upkeep and educate homeowners about the importance of regular home maintenance

"The home is one asset that is constantly appreciating in value, but it is oftentimes one that is neglected the most," McMurtry said. “People take care of their vehicles better than their houses. We aim to change that with our subscription service.”

When it comes to his advice for other growing TruBlue franchisees, McMurtry says the establishment of a strong referral network is essential, as it keeps lead costs down. When it comes to hiring in a tight labor market, he recommends personality and attitude over skill sets or resumes. 

But McMurtry’s biggest tip is quite simple: Trust the TruBlue process

“The TruBlue team really coaches you along the way and walks you down the road — they help you get out of your own way,” he said. “The demand is extremely strong, but as long as you are prepared to take advantage of it, there is no reason you can’t continue to grow.”

Looking ahead, McMurtry remains optimistic, targeting a growth rate of approximately 25% for the coming year. His ambition is not merely to scale but to do so in a manner that is both sustainable and reflective of smart business practices. 

"It feels great to see Dan reach this milestone — he's an outstanding franchisee, extremely coachable and always eager to improve,” said TruBlue President Sean Fitzgerald. “Over the past few years, we've really pushed him to scale his business by allowing him to concentrate more on strategic aspects, and reach this level of success. Now that he's achieved this scalability, we're excited to see him continue to grow. Plus, the fact that he is the first franchise to accomplish this, and in a smaller market, really underscores the potential for success in all markets we operate.”

Since McMurty’s accomplishment, a second owner has hit the million dollar milestone. Daniel Lucuona in Allen, TX is the second franchisee to achieve this revenue number. As TruBlue continues to grow, the brand expects to see even more franchisees across the U.S. cross the mark.

TruBlue is actively seeking new franchise owners in markets across the country and has identified Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville and Naples in Florida as well as Dallas and Austin in Texas as key development markets.

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