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Why Franchisees Love TruBlue Total House Care

For local TruBlue Total House Care owners Tim and Kay Diemont, the fast-growing senior home care franchise provides the couple with an opportunity to build a lucrative career doing what they love: helping people.

By Helen Harris1851 Franchise Staff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 9:09AM 02/09/22

Tim and Kay Diemont of Yorktown, Virginia, opened their TruBlue Total House Care in 2013. Tim, an Air Force veteran, spent most of his career working in retail, and Kay worked for her local mayor before transitioning to an architectural firm. When the couple was looking for the next chapter in their careers — something they could do together — the 70-plus-unit home maintenance and senior care franchise proved the perfect fit. 

“We were looking for something that would allow us to work with veterans, retired people and seniors,” Tim explained. “And TruBlue fit the bill all the way around.”

The husband-and-wife franchisees say their hometown of Yorktown was the perfect market for them. Moreover, TruBlue’s low cost of entry and passionate company culture were major draws.

“The people we talked to clearly cared about what they were doing,” Tim said. “When we made the trip to the corporate office in Cincinnati, I was even more impressed with the people I met and the streamlined operations. We particularly liked that the model is geared towards seniors — we are both passionate about senior care and wanted to make an impact within our own community.” 

Another perk for the couple: TruBlue’s tried-and-true franchise model made their transition to business ownership an easy and enjoyable experience and far less risky than independent business ownership. Instead, they had the backing of an established and experienced brand to provide guidance. That proven model was critical for Tim and Kay, who say they didn’t want to have to learn how to build a business from the ground up.

“When we signed on, TruBlue already had countless other franchise owners across the country. It’s a proven system. The corporate team knows how to manage and run a business and, with the support of the other franchise owners, I felt comfortable.”

What’s more, the support from TruBlue corporate has extended beyond the launch of a new business. When the Diemont’s experienced a small house fire at the beginning of their relationship with the franchise, the TruBlue team jumped into action to help right away.

“One of the very first phone calls we received after the fire was from Sean Fitzgerald, president of TruBlue. He told us not to worry about royalties or anything else that we might need at the time related to the business. Instead, he told us to call if we needed any help. That says a lot about a company and its characters to reach out and provide such immediate support.” 

Now, the Diemont’s are using that example to guide how they act as business owners within their local community and the level of care that they provide their clients. 

“We are honored to work with this caring and passionate husband-wife team,” said Fitzgerald. “They have immersed themselves within their local community and now they are working tirelessly to have an impact on the lives of seniors and families in their area. That is exactly what we look for in a TruBlue franchise owner.” 

For more information about franchising with TruBlue Total House Care, visit: The initial investment to start a TruBlue Total House Care ranges from $65,000 to $91,000. 

About TruBlue

TruBlue provides a helping hand around the house — inside and out. TruBlue’s services include to-do list chores, handyman services, house cleaning, maintenance, yard work, emergency repairs, seasonal work, and preventative maintenance, all handled by a personal House Care Manager. TruBlue strives to provide affordable, worry-free living for seniors and hassle-free living for busy adults by providing full-service, trustworthy house care services. TruBlue franchise owners are required to obtain the Senior Home Safety Certification program through Age Safe® America. As specialists, TruBlue franchisees will be able to perform Senior Home Safety Assessments and can make those recommended safety modifications, if needed. To learn what it takes to open your own TruBlue Total House Care franchise, visit