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Veterans Have What It Takes to Become Exceptional Franchise Owners of MaidPro

Preston Knight has found that the resilience and leadership he established in his time with the military have translated seamlessly into success as a business owner.

By Erica InmanStaff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 9:09AM 11/03/23

When Preston Knight, Air Force veteran, practicing attorney and MaidPro franchise owner, decided he wanted to put his future in his own hands, he found that franchising fit perfectly with both what he wanted and the skills he had developed over his time in the military. 

After serving in the Air Force for six years, he left to attend law school at the University of Utah. While continuing his study in law school, he and his wife decided they wanted to pursue another challenge. “We started looking for a good business opportunity. We have always had the entrepreneurial spirit, but didn’t really know exactly where to start to ensure success,” said Knight. “Then, we started looking at franchises. We found that if you choose the correct system, you can essentially step in and run a business. They give you the tools and support you need to be successful.”

From his first meeting with the founders and staff of MaidPro, the home cleaning services franchise with over 280 units, Knight felt right at home. “They welcomed us, and it felt like family,” he explained. The MaidPro franchise system fosters a strong connection between new franchise owners and more established owners. Knight is owner of the Layton, UT location and has just celebrated six years with the brand in October. 

A Perfect Business Opportunity for Veterans

While MaidPro has provided a great deal of support for Knight in his franchising journey, many of the skills he has that make him a successful entrepreneur can be attributed to his time in the military.  

“The Air Force taught me so many skills. The two most important skills that I use every day in business are resilience and leadership,” said Knight. “In any business there are many highs and lows each and every day. It takes an enormous amount of resilience to persevere through the rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship.”

Working with and leading teams of people is something many veterans have experience in, as well. Knight has grown his team to over 20 staff members, and while managing a large group of individuals can be challenging, Knight’s background has more than prepared him to do so successfully. 

“Business ownership is similar to running a new unit,” said Knight. “Being able to think on your feet and adapt to new challenges is so important. Executing plans and seeing the whole picture from both the top down and bottom up helps keep perspective.”

In addition to the transferable skills that make franchising with MaidPro a great fit for veterans, the element of serving resonates with veterans, as well. Knight enjoys making a positive impact in his community and offering people a service they truly appreciate. That being said, he also appreciates the work-life balance franchising has allowed him, so he can spend weekends with his family. 

Advice for Fellow Veterans Turned Business Owners

When asked what advice he would give to fellow veterans who turn to franchising, Knight advised that they use their transferable skills, but remember that a strict military-esque leadership style is not always the best option in the civilian world.

“When thinking about running a business on the civilian side, it is important to keep in mind that civilians do not like to take orders,” he explained. “We have seen some veterans try to apply the same leadership style they had in the military to their business and it didn’t really work. Bring your talents, skills and abilities, but leave the ‘barking orders’ behind. Be adaptive and set standards.”

Knight has already experienced an impressive amount of growth in his business, expanding from one unit to three. He is currently building an infrastructure that will allow him to continue adding additional units and grow his business. 

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