Veterans in Franchising: Joe Cowern of Batteries Plus Bulbs
Veterans in Franchising: Joe Cowern of Batteries Plus Bulbs

Batteries Plus Bulbs franchisee Joe Cowern explains how his time in the military helped pave the way for success in franchising.

For Batteries Plus Bulbs franchisee Joe Cowern, a knack for fixing things runs in the family. Prior to opening his Batteries Plus Bulbs location alongside his father, who is a former electrical engineer and veteran himself, Cowern served as an aviation technician in the U.S. Navy for seven years.

Recently, 1851 spoke with Cowern to learn a bit about how his time in the military helped pave the way for success with his current Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise.

1851: Why did you decide to join the military?

Cowern: My father served and my brother served and to keep that family tradition alive, I did too. Best thing I ever did.

1851: What was the most valuable thing your military experience taught you?

Cowern: Respect and integrity.

1851: How did your military service prepare you for franchising?

Cowern: While serving in the Navy, I was trained extensively as a technician to repair just about anything electronic along with a drive to do a job properly and to completion.

1851: What is it about Batteries Plus Bulbs that attracted you to the brand?

Cowern: We have become a mobile society that constantly needs mobile power, which equates to batteries. Batteries + Bulbs fit that criteria.

1851: What advice would you give to veterans who are looking to get into franchising?

Cowern: Just go for it. Carryover that go-to-it attitude and the attention to detail from the military and you will go far here.

1851: What does franchising mean to you?

Cowern: Franchising means being your own boss, but having the support behind you for all the things you may not have time for. They do a lot of the legwork for you because there are never enough hours in the day.

1851: What would you like to achieve in franchising within the next 5 years? In 10?

Cowern: I want to continue providing the high-quality service that we have given to people over the last six years. We pride ourselves on making sure every customer leaves with a solution, whether that is a product or a service. I also want to continue growing our sales. I also am looking at expanding to be a multi-store owner in the future