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What Sets Threshold Brands Apart from Other Multi-Brand Franchisors?

The multi-brand franchisor’s expert team and unique opportunities are setting it apart in a booming industry.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
SPONSORED 7:07AM 08/26/22

Threshold Brands, the multi-brand franchisor behind fast-growing home service brands MaidProMen in KiltsPatio PatrolPestmaster ServicesUSA InsulationPlumbing ParamedicsHeating + Air Paramedics Sir Grout, and Granite Garage Floors, is establishing itself as a massive player in the burgeoning home services market. 

Not only is Threshold Brands becoming a market leader, but it is doing so in a way that sets it apart from other multi-brand franchisors. The franchisor is led by a rockstar team of experts that offer immeasurable support to their franchisees who have the opportunity to work across several accomplished home services brands.

“Threshold Brands is dedicated to becoming a franchisor unlike any other,” said R. Scott Sutton, Chief Growth Officer. “Through our proprietary services and amazing team of franchisees we are on our way to dominating the home services industry.” 

Unwavering Support

Threshold Brands has developed an unrivaled level of franchisee support which has allowed its franchise brands to grow in record time and positioned each one as a leader in its segment.

According to Sutton, the franchisor assists each of its franchisees with initial and ongoing training, marketing support and business coaching, and stays with owners well after launch to ensure their continued success. 

As a franchisee, you will have a dedicated business coach by your side helping you navigate business decisions and get to a positive ROI as soon as possible. ThresholdBrands also has dedicated teams for marketing and operations functions that help franchisees make key decisions and operate the day to day aspects of business.

“Bringing quality employees into the organization and investing in their training and development, allows franchise owners to service clients in a much more impactful way,” Sutton said. 

Experienced Leadership Team

Threshold Brands prides itself on its best-in-class leadership team.

Chief Executive Officer Hagan Kappler is a seasoned business leader with experience operating billion-dollar franchise operations in residential and commercial services. R. Scott Sutton is an award-winning and seasoned corporate strategy officer who leads the growth segment which includes franchise development, marketing, innovation and the company's Customer Solutions Center.

Chief Legal Officer, Robert Huelin joined Threshold in 2021 with 13 years experience as an in-house counsel in manufacturing, retail and franchising, while Chief Financial Officer Larry Fox is a hands-on executive focused on creating enterprise value and implementing systems that straddle the fine line between adequate risk management and entrepreneurial spirit.

Expansion Opportunities

Through its cross-brand initiative, Threshold Brands is taking aim at a greater share of the home services market. Franchisees who own one Threshold brand are encouraged to expand to others, diversifying their portfolio with established and emerging home service brands.

The company provides owners with the opportunity to expand their portfolio in a market that they are already dominating, leveraging existing contacts and providing clients with an entirely new, and often complementary, service. 

“Our franchisees are able to easily reinvest and scale their portfolios through Threshold Brands’ different offerings and business opportunities,'' said Kappler. “Many of our owners come to us to talk about starting up a second brand after getting one up and operating.”

Drive to Dominate the Home Services Category

Franchising with Threshold Brands means being a part of a company that continues to dominate the home services category. 

After seeing a major boom during the COVID-19 pandemic, the home services industry is already valued at $500 billion and is expected to see 53 percent growth between 2020 and 2024.

In 2021, Threshold Brands added four new brands to its portfolio — insulation franchise USA Insulation, Sir Grout, the hard surface restoration franchise, as well as sister brands Plumbing Paramedics and Heating + Air Paramedics. 

This June, the franchisor announced its acquisition of Granite Garage Floors, a franchise company that provides garage floor coatings for residential and commercial customers.The addition expands Threshold Brands’ reach in the sector, as well as its allure to both customers and franchise owners. 

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